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now i know this has really nothing to do with writing. But as of now im going through an extremly hard time in my life. How did you guys overcome your obstacles, because i dont seem able to do it.. please any advice would be grand.

Thank you

Raven Roads

24th July 2013

Raven, I don't know what you're going through, but I know that I have been through some very tough times myself. There have been moments in my life where I felt I couldn't keep going. I wanted to give up. I have had a number of break downs. In these situations I would set a goal. I'd ask myself 'what do I want to replace my bad situation?'

An example would be: I lived with my fiance for over a year and was happier than I had ever been, but about a month ago we had to seperate. I moved back in with my parents and now we only see each other on weekends. Like highschool all over again. (Which was miserable) for the first few weeks I was depressed and did nothing but mope and complain and feel worthless... then I realized that was getting me nowhere.

I set a goal to give myself motivation to replace depression. My goal right now is to find a job and continue my college classes. When I have a job I can get out of my parents house and be back with my fiance. It still sucks that we're apart, but I'm thinking more about the future and how I can MAKE it better than right now...

I don't know if that helps at all... sorry if it doesn't... and sorry I'm so wordy haha

Amanda Krumme

24th July 2013

Hi Raven. Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time right now. It seems that many of us are feeling the same way. Oddly enough, searching for words of expression are what often get me through the darker times in my life. I will either write some negative thing to get the "woe is me" attitude out of me and then look for the reasons that my life is good no matter how insignificant it is. I find that when I can find some good in my life, it is much easier to start again with a positive perspective and move away from the stuff that bogs me down and traps me emotionally. I guess I try to look beyond where I am, to where I want to be and then I set out to move closer to that goal. Sometimes it's a struggle but you just have to keep pushing yourself forward.

I hope tomorrow is brighter for you! :)

Cindy Beitinger

27th July 2013

We're all in this one together - know that no matter what you're going through, someone out there is worse. Imagine what other people also go through - mothers and fathers losing children to cancer and such, children in Africa starving to death. Puts things into perspective for me.

I believe there's a lot of control and willpower when it comes to our emotions. You can either allow feelings to consume you, or you can take a look inside and think about what you want, who you are and where you are going and decide that you have the power to change something if it doesn't make you happy.

Shaunna Harper

27th July 2013

I had to overcome some pretty serious issues in recent times. I focused on being creative and setting myself goals for my books. I think find what you are passionate about and run with it. Also, get professional help and don't be ashamed to admit you cannot do this on your own.

Paul Day

28th July 2013

Yes life can really throw you some pretty nasty curb balls and sometimes it seems that there is no way out. I've also been in a situation that seemed there was no way out of and every time I thought I had a solution to it, things just got more and more messed up.

Usually when you have a lot of really big problems the best thing is to work through them one at a time instead of trying to look at the situation as a whole, which is usually quite overwhelming. Once you have identified the major source of these problems (the one problem to rule them all so to speak) then do everything in your power to get rid of it.
This often involves a lot of soul-searching, commitment and stepping out of your comfort zone but once it is achieve you will find the other problems will slowly sort themselves out also.

Not actually knowing what your problem is I can only give general advise. Good luck and let us know if you sort out your troubles.

Leslie Blackwell

28th July 2013

Good advice Leslie.

Paul Day

28th July 2013

Go with the flow - thats what I have always done. I steel my nerves and tell life to hurl it's worst at me. Then I get ready and face it, no matter how bad it gets. I give myself the inner command to hang in there and face it all no matter what.

I have pulled through very bad circumstances this way. It helps me. Even in the case of people, when someone I respected or cared for shows me their mean and selfish side, I just look at them and say nothing. I stay out of their way and try to fend for myself so I am not in any way obliged to them to help me out.

That's my input on this discussion. I hope it helps. Be strong and hang in there.

Asma Ahsan

19th August 2013

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