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Recently I started a story about a Son of the Greek goddess Artemis. Now I realize that Artemis is strictly against having any romantic relationships with men, which is why I made it so she was forced into it. Hence her child is a rape baby(Though you never find out in the first book). The novel is called Son of Artemis-Founding

Leo(the son) narrates throughout the story. I'm making him cocky and a smart aleck. He talks to the reader every once in a while as demonstrated in Chapter Two.
Now his mother, while she is disgusted by her failure to keep her maidenhood, loves her child more then anything. Seeing as He will be the only child she ever has. She has hidden him from the other gods thus hiding her shame. But since Leo radiates raw power there's no way he can pretend to be a mortal. So he is told to claim his Godly parent is Apollo. Despite his haggard appearence when exposed to sunlight.
I'm still working on what a main plot could be for this story. So while I'm still trying to figure it out I was wondering if you guys had any notes or tips for me. There is unbelievable talent on this site and I could use any advice you have for the story. If it ever gets published(I'm hoping this to be my first book to be published. I'm working on it very seriously unlike my earlier works like Cataclysm and Darkborn.) I would definently remember the help I had and Acknowledge you.

More on the Story.
Leo is a very accomplished swordsman, along with being a exceptional crossbowman.
His mother gave him two swords which are kept on a halbred on his back. They dissapear whenever he sheathes them, so they are always on his person. He also has a crossbow and bolts that do the same thing. The string on the crossbow is light as a feather to Leo, but if anyone else tried to pull it, even Heracles couldn't do it. Along with the weapons he has a Breastplate, greaves, and gauntlets that appear when he taps his chest twice. The last gift his mother gave him is a cloak. This cloak looks like the ones the Roman soldiers wore back in the ancient days. This cloak allows him to transport anywhere at anytime. He uses it mainly as a combat advantage.

He's as I said earlier very cocky and smart aleck. He usually cracks jokes that make the situation akward. He's very protective of his mother and goes to her side whenever she calls, making him a loyal son. He has black and white hair, and bright silver eyes that shine like a full moon. He usually strikes mortal girls dumb with his appearence(Which bothers him because he usually hates attention. But as he says in the story, it is nice to flaunt the preety boy thing around every once in a while.
I have the secondary character down already. The girl he meets in the beginning, Jade, will play a very large part in the story. You'll find out why later.

That's preety much all I have right now. any notes or tips are most welcome.

Thank you for reading.
Raven Roads

Raven Roads

16th October 2013

This sounds like a fantastic idea. I'm a huge fan of Greek and Roman Myths (largely in part to Percy Jackson) and this seems like a great start. I read up to chapter three and I think it's a great start. If I were to make any suggestions it would be to slow down and explain a little more as you go along.

Plot Ideas? Maybe I can help out with that. If you're planning on this being a series, you could base it all off of Artemis's shame. I'm detecting a darker plot with the mortal who took advantage of Artemis whether you did that on purpose or not. There could be some sort of Prophesy about how the mortal was part of a plan to dethrone Artemis from Olympus so that a lower god could take her place. The first book could be about the danger of the other gods finding out, the next could be them finding out and being influenced to decide that she is not longer suitable for her title and then if you so chose to write a third you could make that the one where Leo finds the culprit and brings honor back to his mother's name. If you didn't want to do a trilogy, then you could do all of that in the second book.

I don't know, you might have already thought of this... but I hope this helps to sort of set a backbone for your story.

Maddie P.

17th October 2013

it will be a trilogy. First book s Founding. Second book is Hating. Last book is Crying. can we message each other? i have some questions to ask

Raven Roads

17th October 2013

Yeah, sure!

Maddie P.

18th October 2013

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