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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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RED WOODS - chapter 1

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Chapter 1

     Where am I? I feel the earth beneath me in firm and moist. The air carried the smell of the forest. Forest? How? Why am I in the woods? Why do I feel so dizzy? My eyes were opened. Yes, I lay on the ground. Barely see the sky. It was dark. Soon would be dark. I tried to stand. Slowly I am gripped in the earth, but when I tried to stand I was dizzy again and found myself in the dust. I touched my head and felt something wet and sticky. I looked at my hand. Blood. Blood? Oh yeah!  I remember. I was running and trip over a branch. I hit my head. Why I was running? I don’t know. I remember being in school. On the parking. Something frightened me and I ran. My house is on the other side of the park, at the beginning of the forest. I had to wait for my brother Hunter, but he was late. Thus I was there.
     Sticky darkness crept between the trees. It’s become cold and was going to rain. I didn’t know this place. We were new in town. I was scared and confused. I crept up to a large tree. Oak, maybe. It became even colder, and I was wearing jeans, shirt and thin jacket. I turned into a ball. I was tired and hungry. I could not cry. I had no strength. My eyes began to close. I fell asleep. The darkness that surrounds me crept into my mind.
     I relaxed and silent up there… to that tree. I made cold autumn day than to slip into my body and my soul. I felt so helpless and alone… For a moment I felt something warm and somewhat soft. Something strange. Then… nothing. Only deep and impenetrable darkness. I thought: ‘Is this my end? Will I die?’ I prayed for someone to find me. I wanted someone to save me. But I could not believe someone cares. Here… Hunter is probably still with his girlfriend, Molly. My younger sister Megan was too… ‘good’ to speak or go out with me. I think that she thought that I am loser. Well, yes! However, she is 15 years old teen. And my parents… My father, Dean Reed, works to late. I do not know what exactly he was doing. Perhaps there is a company that dealt with different things. I’m not interested. My mother, Sarah, was a reporter in a local newspaper.
     Everyone is so busy with your life that hardly will notice the lack of an outsider. I would not say that I am exactly that, but I’m not a very social person. And yet… I felt something… somebody… But I was so tired that I had not the strength to open my eyes. I was relaxed in this heat. Heat? In this cold day? Strange… very strange…

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