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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
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For Charlie

As if pulled from a best seller
A number one box office smash
Though one I'll never know
It'll end in a burn and a crash

A life time of planning
My hopes were all high
But who was I kidding
Each one was a lie

You can be anything
That's what I was told
Lot of good it does now
I'm just too damn old

Why do we do this?
Why do we dream?
When they all just fail
And go out with a scream

Those who can achieve
And make them come true
All rub it in our faces
Cause that's what they do

So give me the ones
I have late at night
Even if they're bad
And give me a fright

So I'll sleep until death
I'll dream ever so grand
Forget the real world
I'll live in dream land

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