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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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Jess in a Mess

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soul mates

This poem is about my ex girlfriend, we have a son and she keeps coming in and out of his life.

Jess is in a right old mess
Doesn't know, if she is coming or going
She is in this situation
Where she doesn't know
What to do for the best
Be a proper mother to our son
Or go back to the violence
Where her partner will be there
To give her more and more beatings
She has disowned our son
For this violent animal
She is a disgrace
Even her mum has washed her hands of her
She has finally come to her senses
Her daughter, isn't gonna change
I just hope, she will go for good
Don't even think about coming back
You are just confusing our son
One minute mummy is there
The next, she is gone
So stay away for good
You're not welcome anymore.

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