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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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RED WOODS - chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Drea POV’s

     The car stopped at a bookstore. I got out and walked inside… alone. In fact, I do not looking for anything specific. I just walk around between the shelves. From time to time I was looking through the window. Yeah… My guard was there… Continually from his post. He makes me feel stupid.
     The seller watching me. He was a man about 40 years, but his hair was already graying. I was not surprised by that he stared me. Always is like that when you are new. Although it is annoying and somewhat stupid.
     I browsing through a book and remembered the incident. Not for me, and for this with the dead man. I was curious. But if I ask a friend of my brother, he is hardly going to tell me. My life is totally wrong. While I was back to the door, I heard the bell above the door rang. I did not turn, because I thought that it is Kahlan. Well, he was not. I heard a strange voice that spoke to the man behind the counter.
-Hi, Pierce! – said the newcomer.
     Pierce is the name of the seller. A man who had entered was a cop. I remained in my place, pretending to read. The truth is that I was trying to hear the conversation.
-What’s happen, Harry? The police cars flying like crazy down the street.
-New dead body. It looks like an attack by wild animals, but…
-You don’t think so…
-Exactly. I have not seen an animal who can do similar damages. And the location… It was not in the woods but on the street. Strange, don’t you think?
     The seller does not respond. Simply submit something to the cop and he went out. Damn! Murder? Here? Well, this is something interesting. Instinctively I looked through the window. Outside Kahlan spoke with a woman. I never seen her better, but I think that she is beautiful. She revolved around him. She coquet and smiling. It was annoying. I do not know why I am so annoyed by this. That’s why I got brilliant idea to get out of there unnoticed. That’s why I asked the man behind the counter where is the toilet. He pointed out a side door. I nodded and crossed the distance between me and the door. I went inside. I must admit, there was cleaner that I expected. Luckily for me there was a window. I smiled.

Kahlan POV’s

     I lean on the side door of the car while listening to Jennifer’s bullshit. She was part of a pack… like me. We were many in this town, although people did not know. She was younger than me, but she was trying to impose her will. It was stupid on her side to think that she can command me. She has always revolved around me. I knew that she likes me, but the feelings were not shared.
     I do not stop to watch the window. I kept an eye on the girl. The reason was not only the request of her family. I found her helpless in the woods. She lay there among the leaves. I could smell her blood. Actually this was the reason which drew me there. My hunger was strong, but when I approached her… I couldn’t hurt her. And her smell was familiar to me… friendly, although slightly different. She looked so helpless. I saved her.
     Jennifer noticed that I do not hear her and she was angry. But then I noticed something. Or rather lack of it. I leaved Jennifer there and walked into the bookstore.
-Hi, Pierce! Where’s the girl?
-She is in the toilet.
     I sniff the air and realized that she was not there. Damn! She was escaped while I distracted by Jennifer. I ran outside and walked around the bookstore. As I expected… the window was open. I sniff the air again to smell her and I did, although the city is more difficult because of the exhaust gases from cars. I followed the smell to the beginning of the park. I realized that she was in the woods. But why? Why she was back there? Are not she afraid? I do not waste my time to thinking about possible caused, just went after her.

Drea POV’s

     This time I walked slowly, because I do not want to suffer again. The forest is quite calm, although I had a feeling that thousands of eyes watching me. However, I did not waver. Proceed slowly. I heard a pop and felt dry twigs on the ground. I felt the leaves. The scent of the woods filled my lungs. I felt a strange calm. I do not know how long I walked, but I was tired and sat down to rest under a tree. I leaned back in the massive trunk. The air was cold. It was already afternoon and soon probably would be dark.
     We were new in the town, but Megan and Hunter already had friends. Mom and Dad worked constantly and I was left alone. My only variety was in school, but now they let us, because there were any damage or power drains. Maybe both. For this I was free and bored. Well, I could walk through the forest, if do not come across any wild beast.
     I was standing there when a noise caught my attention. I rose and started looking. Maybe it was the wind? I sure hope so because last time when something frightened me so I found myself in quite a disadvantage. I was about to get up when I saw it. A huge wolf. His fur was gray-brown, and his eyes – like gold. He stood a few meters from me. Watching me. I was… shocked, scared and somewhat excited. I was wondering… Will he hurt me? Was he killed the man? I thought… ‘RUN!’ But my body did not move. Usually, if you run it gets worse. At least this working with the dogs.
      My heart was beating very fast. I could barely breathe. I froze in place when the animal began to close. I could not move. I closed my eyes and prayed to just leave. Only he did not. I felt his breath on my face. His wet nose touched my cheek. I felt his fur. It was hard and rough, but gentle and kind in their own way. This beast is not afraid of me. I opened my eyes. The wolf behaved more like a dog. Although my fear, I felt a strong need to touch him. I could not refrain. I stroked it. He was not pulled. I felt safe. But how can I feel safe in company of the wild beast?

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