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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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RED WOODS - chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Drea POV’s

     I went home shortly before dawn to be completely impenetrable. All I smelled a wolf, I like it. It was sort of… primary. And now I had a friend who did not thought that I am crazy. I had to bathe before dinner. The water affects me quite well. Of course, whole family discussed the incident. My mother was very excited and anxious. Dad, as always listen to her carefully. Megan was scattered and send messages from her phone. My brother did the same. I just sat and listened to them. They do not mind me. And it was good for me. Well, at least until my brother said something that made everybody look at me.
-Kahlan call.
-Really? Why?
-He said that you ran away. And mentioned something about a motorcycle accident.
-Nothing serious, bro! – I refer to everyone there. – Honestly. Everything is fine.
-Motorcycle? – Megan seemed intrigues. – Maya told me that in the city has some very cool rider. With blond hair and…
-Blue eyes? –I finished her sentence.
-Have you seen him?
-Yeah. His name is Devlin. I had a problem with him, but he looks nice guy.
-Ok, ok! – Our brother interrupted us. – I want from you to apologize to Kahlan. He is my friend and he is worried about you.
     I don’t know why he so many wanted to apologized, but maybe there was some reason for it. For this reason I agreed to do it. Therefore I asked my brother to give me the phone number of his friend.


     I lie in my bed and keep my phone. Finally, I just dialed the number. Wait a few calls. I hesitate and I was ready to close when I heard his voice.
-Hey! It’s Drea.
‘Drea? Where were you been?’
     Although he asked this question, there was something strange in his voice. As if he knew something.
-In the woods. My brother urged to call you.
‘Don’t do it if you don’t want.’
-I… I am not accustomed to people are nice to me. And you’re strange.
‘What do you mean? How… strange?’
-Let’s talk another time. I’m tired. Today there were things that happened.
‘Really? I hope to tell me.’
-Okay. It you want. But why you want to be friend with me? Because Hunter?
‘No. You’re interesting. Now go to sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow.’
-Ok. Bye!
     Wait a minute! We have not a date, right? No, no… Just friendly date. And I had not many friends. Actually none. If we do not count the wolf, of course.

Kahlan POV’s

     I found her. She stood alone in the middle of the woods. She was frightened when she saw me. But there was something else. I could hear her heart beating so fast that if it was bird would fly away. I began to converge. Slowly, so as not to scare her more. I approached. I couldn’t resist. I behaved as if I am pet. I hugged in her. I touched her face and she hugged me. I felt good. Even don’t know why. Ever since I saw her for the first time I feel like that. And when I saw her on the street with… him. I felt my blood boil. I was afraid not to hurt her. Otherwise I would kill him.
     By the end of the day I was with her. She was so sweet and gentle with me. Or rather a wolf. And while I was human… Perhaps she had the right to be angry. She probably was confused by my behavior. Probably for this she escape.
     When I got home… Her smell was of my body. I want to keep it. But I couldn’t. I took a shower. I made my dinner and I eat it. I was alone. I do not go with my friends from the pack. I had already spent the day out in the woods. I wondered what to do when the phone rang. It was the home of the Reed family. I thought it was Hunter. I do not want to answer, but I did it. I was surprised when I heard the voice of Drea. My heart beating so fast as when I run into the woods. I had to put considerable effort not to betray myself. She wanted to apologize. It was nice to hear her voice. Not only that. We even arranged a meeting.
     I don’t know why I am so excited. We do not even know well. And if she understand what I am, she really… freaked out or will hate me. Furthermore, she is not part of the pack. She is not even like us. But I cannot do anything. I am powerless against this haunting feeling. And this intruder… The thought that he was close to her… I am going mad. And the reason is not just that he wants my girl. He taught in my territory. This will not happen.

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