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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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RED WOODS - chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Drea POV’s

      I was awakened by gunshots. My heart pounding in my chest. My head was pulsating. I sat terrified in the bed, when Megan came over to my room and cuddle with me. She was trembling just like me.
-What is this, damn? – I said.
     Hunter came to us. He was in his pajamas. Obviously, he was wake up soon like us.  He sat on the edge of the bed.
-Are you okay? – he asked. – These idiots started early.
-What? Why shoot? By whom?
-I don’t know. They said that would make posse. Because of the incident.
-They will kill someone? – Megan asked. – Are they the wolves?
     At the mention of wolves, my blood froze. I could not imagine how will killed my sweet wolf that I saw in the woods. This ia a terrible thought.
-I don’t think that they are wolves.
-Really? – my brother asked.
-Yes. A veterinarian or specialist said that it was not the wolves job. Maybe jackals or something bigger, but not wolves. Although for me is like. – maybe I sounded more enthusiastic that it’s necessary.
-And mom and dad?
-Gone. As usual… - He said wearily. – Well? Any plans for today?
-I will go with Maya and others. We can see the cool rider? – Megan said.
-How about you, Drea?
-Well,… I promised to go with your friend… Kahlan.
     Both looked at me puzzled. I away my eyes because their eyes troubled me. They were not accustomed to hear this from me. Well, I was not accustomed to say it. My brother looked at me with that look that says: ‘If you touch my sister I will kill you!’ And Megan – she is excited. Even muttered something like: ‘Finally you get normal!’ Such a fuss over a friendly meeting. Maybe was an error that I told them.


    Since I had not chosen the right time for so-called meeting, I had to wait for Kahlan to come. I was nervous. He make me to feel it. Excites me in some way. I stayed alone at lunch because Hunter and Megan came out as always. I worried that I was rude last day. But someone knock on the door. I went and opened. Kahlan stood in front me. I smiled and I asked him to come in. It seemed so unreal that I could hardly believe it happened.
     I followed him into the living room.
-Well? What’s so interesting happened?
-Well, I… It’s crazy… even for me. Will you sit? Something to drink?
-Don’t worry, baby.
     Then I saw something in his eyes. They… they… were not human’s eyes. I remember that I lost consciousness. Complete darkness. Silence that can make anyone crazy. I struggled, but if I were tied. Suddenly I heard something from somewhere. Hum. Some repeating: ‘You’re gonna make it, Drea!’ And then I opened my eyes… And I was definitely not in my house.

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