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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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I am

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soul mates

This poem is about being proud of who you are inside and being true to yourself, no matter what people say.

I am somebody
I am human
I have feelings

So don't try to hurt them, be careful what you say, people can be hurtful and don't really mean what they say, sometimes it comes out wrong, we need to react as fast as we can to put it right.

I am somebody
I am human
I am beautiful

When I look in the mirror and see that someone, I wonder to myself is that really me or somebody else, we are all beauteous, no matter what people say, people can be hurtful and say that you are ugly, so when I look in the mirror, I see a reflection of myself, I try everything to look good, but in the end I feel worse inside.

I am somebody
I am human
I am hard working

Please give me a job now, I prove it to you, that I am hard working and willing to learn, the real problem is we are not given the opportunity, to give it my all, my son always tells me 'don't get dirt on your hands.' but when that chance comes now and at the end of all, you will see my hard working hands, you will see I'm a grafter and not a crafter, I couldn't make anything out of nothing, I'm not talented enough.

I am somebody
I am human
i am real

Nothing is fake now, I can promise you that, what you see is what you get now, I won't talk behind your back, this is not Big Brother, I'm not playing for the camara, this is me take it or leave it, I'm not gonna change, I'm set in my ways,
So why would you change me?
I am somebody, a human being after all.

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