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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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Burning Heart [chapter 1]

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Under the Double Star - Chapter One

     It happened suddenly. Without any sign. Without warning. God, how shocking it was for everyone. I will tell what happened as I saw it. My heart was so deeply wounded that I do not know how well it will show. So I apologize.

     It was New Year. There was even snow. I was happy and celebrate with my family and friends. Knowing nothing. At midnight we heard fireworks. So we thought that was. Was slightly stronger than usual, but we thought it was the work of some enthusiast. I remember laughing at all. The last laugh that I would hear. But nobody appreciates it, which has until he loses. Soon we heard screams. All froze in place. My dad and uncle went outside to see what happens. They returned and immediately began to give commands. We were all confused and did not know what happens. The rising panic, weighted in the air. We could not hear the warnings. All ran out. People were running everywhere. The shots echoed relentlessly. Run to the port. It was not far away. There were several fishing boats. With relief I saw them, but in vain. Someone pushed me and I lost orientation. I was trapped in the crowd. I called but nobody could hear me.

     I saw one of the boats sail. My relatives were there. I saw them. Panic broke me. I tried to get away. I went in the opposite direction, but ran into “something”. My eyes widened in horror, but I could not scream because I got hit in the face that I knock out. I could not move, but felt that I did not stay in one place. Move, but not alone. They wear me. They threw me into something like a truck. I heard the voice of my friend from university. She would not stop calling me: “Keira! Keira! Wake up!” I could not come themselves. Poor Maggie. I wanted to be beside her when we understand what is happening. Impossible.

     When I woke up I realized that I could not move freely. I was chained. Arms, legs and even the neck. Panic. I started to pull and try to escape. The only thing accomplished was to hurt myself. Someone touched my arm. I jumped. In the darkness I could not see anything. It was Maggie. She cried and I catch her hand to show her support. Both were in this situation. In fact we were many. One man said that we are slaves. I could not accept it. In this century, no slaves. Right?

     Now we do not move. According to Maggie are in a dungeon. I was unconscious about two days and several hours. No wonder I was hungry. Not to mention the tears choking me. Would hardly have been worse. Error!

     There was a two-meter man. Superintendent. Forced us to go. One man refused and he beat him. Killed him on the spot. Maggie clung to me and me in her. He grinned a murderer, and then drove us like cattle. Move slowly and in a column for the bonds. We were all dirty and hungry. Resemble animals. Or worse. We were like in movie. Horror.
     We were gathered on a playground. We were something of a fortress. There were guards. There were some people. Led us to put some rags. They looked like a menial uniforms. Forced us with strength. I looked at… I do not know… It was disgusting. They gave us to eat food from cans. Nobody cared whether it was cat food. We were starving. We looked like bums are a herd. It was awful.

     They made us work. Maggie and me, we fell clean corridors. We stood on all fours and scrub the floor. Guards deliberately kicked the buckets with water. We get angry, but we were too scared to say anything. Thus passed day after day. We were hiding when the works ended because we heard how the guards and other invaders benefit from slaves. I did not want to participate in this. I clog my ears not to hear. Maggie had no such luck. Finally, she does not resist. She kills herself. I cried constantly. I hated those monsters. Yes, they were not people. They were vampires. Before I admired them because they believe they are imaginary. But now I hate them with all my heart. I hated them. Pity that sunlight does not kill them. I was hoping to happen to them a terrible things, because all the evil which they did to us.

     Interesting developments. Several days later the castle was attacked. There were many casualties. The conquerors were powerful. They did not kill many slaves, because either way they needed to be like us. I looked from my hideout and saw the new Master. He was beautiful, but the blood on his clothes and his face made him terrifying. One beast to another. So gave up power and authority… with blood.

      Slaves of us were given the honor to clean the corpses. Piling them in heaps and burned them. Not tolerate the stench. I put a towel on your face, so as not to suffocate. No longer crying. I had no strength. Became accustomed to the sight of death. I thought my soul was ravaged by one year. Yeah, I do not even know when passed one year in captivity. I no longer cared about anything. I was an empty shell. I remembered their loves ones and I realized that I did not miss. They left me in Hell.

     I managed to make them respect me. At least the staff. The guards left me alone and I did them small favors in exchange. I had to adjust. Most slaves worked, and those who had no such luck… Well, ended badly. But we were emotionally robbed. We lost the ability to smile. The word “happiness” lost to us. I speak in the plural, because we had the same fate.

     Not only the Master was there. There were members of his entourage. From all this mess stood a woman. A real bitch. She enslavement beautiful boys and made them her toys. Some of them were not even humans. Werewolves, as for as I know. And they were not to be envied. I do not waste my time to regret.

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