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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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Chapter 1

     The night was rainy. I was in my room and I could not sleep. I looked at the white ceiling and listened in the darkness. There was no other noise that the falling rain. It was not too late. Around midnight, maybe… When clock strikes 12:00 midnight the door knock. I stood up and began to listen. Dad opened. I heard his voice. Very quietly I went to the door. I opened carefully. I snuck into the hallway and sat on the stairs. Of course, my mother caught me. She takes me to my room and locks me there. I called her… I was confused and frightened. Who was come in this time? Why my parents behave this way? I don’t understand.
     I ran to the window and looked out. In the sky flashed lightning, and then… Then nothing. I only remember flashes, followed by… darkness. If I was a machine and someone press the button to turn off. Well, the darkness was not entirely impenetrable. I started seeing things. Things were definitely an illusion. In the beginning was beautiful, and the next moment… nightmare.
     I saw a field covered with flowers in different colors. The wind was warm and smelled nice. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. I stepped with my bare feet on the soft green grass. I was relaxed. But suddenly everything is totally wrong. The land beneath my feet was black. The air smelled of smoke, blood and… death. The field was covered with corpses. Everything was covered with blood. There was no sun. The sky was the color of fresh blood. My heart was beating very fast. I was terrified. But it became worse. Something grabbed my bare foot. It was someone’s bloody hand. Disfigured face and dead eyes stared at me. I heard horrible groans. Voices of the Dead. And then… All dead coming to me. They wanted to catch me and drag me to hell.
      I was scared to death. I tried to resist. Then I heard my name. Someone was calling me. A familiar voice. That helped. The horrible scene began to fade and disappear. My eyes began to open. Yes… The voice belongs to my mother. Strange… We moved. We were in the car of my father and I lay in the backseat. I sat down. Why the hell, traveling at that time? Where are we going? I wanted to ask, but the words just do not came out of my mouth. And my parents looked awfully serious. They always seemed that way. At home everything was like in the barracks. It is surprising that I do not become like a robot. For this I just stood there and said nothing. I know we went to the airport.


     At the airport waiting for us private jet. We went up. And got our luggage. After fifteen minutes we were airborne. Mom and Dad spoke a language that I do not understand. Obviously they did not want from me to know. What happens here?
     Oh yeah! I did not say anything about me. My name is Jane and I am 17 years old. My hair is dark and the eyes… There was a mix of blue and green. People often tell me that I have amazing eyes. I was not very high, but I look good. At least they told me so. Although my parents kept me under control. It really annoyed me. But back on topic.
     I did not know where it gone the damn plane. I dared not ask. But it seems it was something serious. I was only allowed to go to the toilet. Otherwise I had to stay in my place and keep silence. They do not allow me to listen to music or using a computer. I do not even allow reading a book. I was really nervous, though I rose to be very patient. But I do not know how long I can stand this.
     I was so bored that I decided to challenge fate. I disengage the seat belt and stood up. My dad said to go back into place. I did not. On the contrary… is away. He again repeated the order. Again, I do not obey. He started getting angry. My mother also. My fear was accompanied by excitement. Like risk I was taking made me feel… amazing. But it was serious. If my parents get angry, they are really… scary.
     I went to the back when something gripped me. I could not move. I could barely breathe. Like an invisible monster grabbed me with his huge paws. Then my body started to move alone. I could not stop. I sat on my seat and automatically fastened my seatbelt. I looked to my father. Oh, My God! His eyes… His eyes were red as blood. What was that, damn? In my mind I heard whisper and I recognized him. He whispered: ‘You will obey, girl!’ I numb of horror. I did not move, even when my body is released. I would not cry. I never cried before. But the helplessness I felt… This feeling cannot be named with words or to describe. At least I could not. But one knew for sure: don’t tempt the fate, because you do not know how it’ll respond!

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