Don Yarber Don Yarber
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as they "bent" down, not bended.

Don Yarber Don Yarber
Recommendations: 42

My family dead and my heart empty is an incomplete sentence. "My family WAS dead and my heart WAS empty" might be better.

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This is just a bi of the story... please help me.and give opinions.

       The shadows enveloped the ground inch by inch as the sun completed its daily routine. The wind blew through the trees causing them to groan as they bended down. I stood in the field looking at the sky. My heart thumped and threatened to jump out of my chest as the sun dissapeared  and the darkness surrounded me. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself, but instead of my heart slowing it went even faster. I shook my head and put my hand on the hilt of my sword. Sweat poured down my face despite the cold bitter wind and the snow that had just begun to fall, 1 comment

       The clouds opened and a stream of light poured down. I heard a trumpet sound and the light dissipated. My heart slowed and I took a deep breath. I stood there staring at the sky and sat down on the cool hard ground. The world was falling apart around me and my house behind me stood in ruins due to the earthquake that happened so long ago. My family is dead and my heart is empty. 1 comment

      Ever since hell literaly came to our little planet, things had been chaotic. No person could find a way to fight the demons who continued to pour from the single hole in the Yellowstone National Park. Our army had tried to fight them off, but they were either driven mad, or simply killed. I have only ever fought two demons. And the experience was terrifying. But it gave me a justifiable reason to be scared of the dark. For some reason, their evil presence had no effect on me. I wasn't driven mad and I could see them clearly. They could not hide from me, and they could not best me mentally. Why they can't I don't know.

     My sword training finally proved to be handy though. They weren't really any challenge, it was just their faces. I mean wow, you wanna see ugly look into their faces. But that's the trick. That's how they drive people mad and then they kill them at their leuisure.

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