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"She looked at me curiously and bended down." try bent for bended

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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Darkborn Chapter 1

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Thanks to Christy for helping me get started me started more to come!

The year is 2100 on planet Earth. Our planet underwent a major transformation in the year 2035. Asteroids fell from the Heavens and devastated parts of the planet. Earth was sick, people were starving and our Sun was failing leaving vegetation to wilt and die off. Humans turned to the ocean as their only means of survival for sustenance. As evening fell and the world slept, an invasion of aliens who called themselves the Knix arrived to overtake our home. People were captured to be enslaved.

The Knix had lived on Earth Millenniums before us. They had come to reclaim what had once been theirs. Humans were taken by the thousands to restore the planet's energy grid and to re-energize our sun. What we believed to be ruins from our people before us, were in fact, Knix creations. The Great Pyramids of Egypt and elsewhere across the globe, The Great Wall of China, The Easter Island Heads, Ancient obelisks; All beacons of power fed by our solar system. A global power grid had existed here for thousands of years, but we humans never understood what these structures were. The Aliens plan was to enslave the humans to restore these monuments of power and Earth would be reborn to her original splendor.

       These "Knix" had branded us all with a bar code like tattoo to keep track of us. Anyone who defied them and ran would be hunted down and captured,then executed in public to make an example. My father, James Roads had evaded them for years with me and my mother. But one day They came... and killed him in front of me. The day seemed perfect and I thought nothing could go wrong. Boy was I wrong...

               X                          X                      X        

       "Luca! Get your ass over here!" I rolled my eyes and slowly stood up. I walked over to my father. He pointed to the sword that hung at my hilt
       and said,"take it out." I pulled it out of the scabbard and smiled as it rang. He swung and I ducked and lunged at his knees. He parried it away and struck at me again. We fought for what seemed like hours. I held myself back letting opportunity after opportunity slip from grasp. I had a natural ability with weapons but I hid the fact for my father's pride. I got bored with the swordplay and disarmed him expertly. I smirked loving the fact that I was better. He smiled and said," Good job son." He turned and walked towards my mother who had been watching us. He kissed her lightly and sat down. I stood there awkwardly and
        said,"Im going to run the perimeter."        
       I took off jogging before they said anything back. I slowed to a walk and swung my sword to keep my hand occupied. The sun was setting casting an orangish glow across the sky. I smiled and sat down. My father had said the sun was but a dim star in the old days. The earth was cold and had been dying until the Knix had come and saved the world. I held no resentment towards them for enslaving us, in my thoughts it was what was necessary to save the planet. I had to keep my thoughts to myself around my dad, there's nothing he hates more then Knix. The wind blew and the sun dissapeared in the horizon. For one split it was completely quiet.      
         Then I heard my mother scream and I jumped. My feet carried me and took me my yard. My mother laid dead at my fathers feet while he desperately  tried to fend of the Knix. I Bellowed in anger and jumped onto the Knix's back and stabbed it in the neck. The knix screamed and threw me into a tree. I heard my leg crack and I screamed in pain. I looked at my father and watched as his sword fell to the ground and the blood fall from his stomach. I yelled and passed out from the pain radiating from my leg.

      When  awoke again, The knix were standing above me and looking curiously at my face. Anger boiled up in my body and i said,"Burn in hell," I smiled as  they knocked me out.

              I dreamt of being bathed in blood,whether it was mine or not I didnt know. I stood at the base of a large hill with two swords in my hands. I looked out to the horizon and smiled. I rose my sword and heard thousands of voices shatter the silence with their battle cry.and I woke covered in sweat.

              I looked around and examined my surroundings. I was in a crumbling wooden hovel and a fire burned dimly beside me. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my leg. It was in a splint and was propped up on what seemed to be a drum stool. I gulped and looked doen at my hip, and sighed in relief when I saw my sword sitting comfortably in my scabbard. The fire went out and the only light that remained was what poured in through the crumbling ceiling of the hovel. A million questions swam through my mind. Why did the Knix not take me as a slave? Why had they let me live when  I obviously showed defiance.  My father had often spoke of the Knix's pleasure of killing humans.  Tears built up in my eyes as I thought of my now dead mother and father. My father to never teach me the history of our planet again. My mother to never calm me down when I was angry. I started to shake in anger and the tears rolled down my cheeks. I screamed in pain and  laid back on the ground. I screamed louder and the tears fell effortlessly from my eyes. Mucus built up in my nose and I tried  desperately to stop my anguish.  But it refused to stop. Pain pulsed through my body and I found myself unable to move. Anger flowed through my veins and my head pounded. One day I thought, The knix would tremble in my wake. I closed my eyes and fell asleep as a final tear rolled out of my eye.

       This time I dreamt of my home in flames. I stood not inches away from the flames. The intense heat stung on my body but I ignored it and took a step forward. I heard screams echo behind me  but once again stepped forward another step. I felt a hand on my back and soon found myself on the ground with a girl standing in front of me. She looked at me curiously and bended down. The light flickered around her and made her difficult to see. I reached up to touch her face and Suddenly felt a searing pain in my leg. Everything turned black and I opened my eyes. 1 comment

       The fire was blazing next to me and my leg had been moved off the drum tool onto a padded pillow. I looked to the side and saw and old friend by the door. "Brendan?" My voice was rough and my throat stung. He looked up and smiled wide,"well its about time. you've been out for almost 4 days."  I rolled my eyes and sat up. I took a glance at my leg and sighed in relief. Brendan caught me looking at it and said," It was just a sprain, nothing big to worry about." I shrugged and laid back again. I gulped as I asked," My parents?" Brendan's face fell and he shook his head. The small hope I had had for my parents small chance of surviving was quickly crushed. The anger once again flowed through my veins and I stood up quickly. My leg flared with pain but I ignored it as I walked out of the tiny hovel. Brendan followed me out as I walked towards my house which loomed in the distance

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