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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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No idea what to call this yet

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just a bit. adding more if you all think its a good start

      "Meet the mind to rival that of Leonardo Da Vinci himself! Demitri Soa Cain!" The Governor roared.He turned and smiled slightly, then said,"  I doubt myself as grand as Da Vinci. But perhaps one day I will surpass the mans intelligence. Though I highly doubt it."

       The Governor laughed loudly and spoke again," The boy is modest. I have seen his mind at work and i can indeed tell you that his mind is far more grand then that of ANY man in the past." Demitri scowled when he was referred to as "boy" but quickly let it slip from mind as the Governor once again boasted of his intelligence. He held his hand up, keeping a small smile and once again said," He oversteps. Though he credits himself a judge of excellent character I can promise you, he has misread me several times."  The Governors smile faded as Demitri continued," But your excellence must not be frustrated by your failure, Many doctors have failed to see me as I truly am. While I give off the presence of a composed young man who would never harm another human being. I am much more then that.A man of Many masks To ALWAYS be remembered!" His eyes for a split second turned dark and he smiled wide. " Welcome dear people of Athens, to the world of Demitri Soa Cain!"

        The world for a split instant turned black and he had dissapeared. My eyes stung and I coughed and hacked heavily. My heart slowed and I coughed out blood. The world remained black but i still stumbled around, desperately trying to find my way out. I felt a hand around my neck and heard a voice in my ear. I heard only fragments of the mans hurried speech,"Escape...... Demitri...... You....... Minds......Brother."  I felt a hand push me and a window break. I fell to the ground and landed with a hard thud on a wagon full of rugs. I looked up but my sight remained lost and I passed out from the pain still coursing through my veins.

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