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"'The sooner you two lovebirds finish your conversation can we go,' Luca asked." This needs to be changed somehow, and must be done in the form of a question if you keep "Luca asked" in there.

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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Cataclysm Prolouge and Chapter One

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Thanks to Jim for helping, Hope y'all like it

      This is not a fairy tale that contains unicorns and rainbows. Nor is it a fantasy where dark beasts dwell in forbidden areas where men are warned not to tread. No. This is a story that shows the greed behind men. The blood behind the secrets. The horror behind the lies. And the darkness behind the light.

X                                           X                                   X

       The marketplace was full as always, men and women alike tried to lure customers in with their sales pitch. Once in a while they caught a bite and usually ripped off the customer. My kinda business. I smiled and walked through the crowd, careful not to arouse suspicion by walking with a certain swagger that Nobles often used. The two blades on my back were hidden by the large cloak I wore, which flowed down to the back of my calves. I saw my target walk past me, and I turned. I pretended to look at a stall as my target continued walking. I stayed rooted until he dissapeared from my sight, and immediately started walking after him. It was about twenty steps before I saw him again. He ducked into an alley, and I followed swiftly. A thought popped up in my mind that this could possibly be an ambush. Instead of making me cautious, it excited me.

       I walked into the alley and looked around. I drew my blades and stepped forward. A bolt whizzed by my head and suddenly the alley was filled with the City guard. I started carving my way through them, but for every one I killed three more took their place. I changed my stance and began to fight defensively, holding them off. I felt blood pour down my shoulder and I swore as the pain hit. I slashed left and right, killing each man with a cut to the throat. Bolts began to fly towards me and I dodged expertly. I knew I would soon tire and I began looking for an escape. They had me surrounded in a tight circle formation, but the buildings were small. I headbutted a Guard and ran up the wall, then jumped to the opposite building. I sheathed my blades and ran, jumping from building to building.

       My eyes fell on towers and the bolts continued to fly. I ran faster looking for the city gates. The bolts stopped, and I heard a whoop. I looked and saw two friends. Calipso and Luca fired arrow after arrow, killing a man with each one. I ran towards them and said," Quite a nice day to be killing don't ya think?" Calipso looked at me coldly and my heart stopped. "You idiot, you were supposed to interrogate the target. what the hell happened to,'Don't worry,I got this'?" I shrugged and dodged a spear," Hey,um could you  two lovebirds finish your conversation so we can you know, not die," Luca asked. They slung the bows on their back and jumped to the ground. I followed and pulled my blades out. We ran toward the city gate and found it being blocked by a squadron of soldiers. We stopped and stared at them. My hands twitched and I smiled. This is what we lived for. I heard a whistle and Deveraux jumped into the middle of the squadron from the wall. I charged while Luca and Calipso held off the guards behind us. I fought to the middle of the squadron and took position at Deveraux's back. He laughed as he killed soldier after soldier. "Switch," He yelled. I crouched and He rolled on my back. I slashed at the the soldiers, and I said," Press!" We began moving forward and killed a soldier with each step. 1 comment

       Luca and Calipso had killed all the guards and began firing on the soldiers. soon only one remained and he began to run. I ran after him, but I heard a yell and Vilos dropped from the wall and tackled him. He shoved a blade under the soldiers neck and smirked. Marius and Eleanor walked in through the gates, frowning on account of missing the fight. I walked toward the soldier and crouched down beside him." You're brave to take us on. stupid, But brave." He spat in my face and I laughed. I stood and looked toward my comrades. " I say we take him and question him at camp" Vilos groaned and said," No one cares what you think Raze. I say we kill him. He won't tell us anything." Calipso drifted to my side and looped her hand in mine. " Raze has a point little brother. He could tell us valuable information. Like who designed this ambush?" "Obviously the person we had Raze following. We know he has a good connection with the guards," Luca said. "But not soldiers," I said." It doesn't make sense, These soldiers bear the mark of the Corinthia army, but we are at least 300 leagues away from Corinth." Marius whispered," I side with Raze." Eleanor nodded her head, as did Deveraux and Luca. Vilos growled but took the blade off the soldiers neck.

       He sat up and said," well as long as I'm going to be your prisoner, The name is Demitri." I bound his hands with chains from Marius' pack and picked him off his ass. Vilos pushed him forward and we walked out of the now Silent town.

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