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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Cataclysm Chapter two

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Under the Double Star - Chapter One

The long awaited chapter two. hop y'all like it

      "move your ass!" Vilos barked at our prisoner. I sighed and sat down, then said," Vilos it's time we took a break anyway. we still have another days walk to camp. If Demetrius needs rest. then we wait until we too are rested. then you can bark as many orders as you want." Vilos drew his sword and swung at me. I rolled away and pulled my blades out. " You are not the boss of me you little boy!" His voice rang through the empty air. Calipso began to walk forward but Deveraux stopped her. "let them have their quarrel. its time for Raze to prove himself anyhow."  

       Vilos grinned and pulled his shield off his back. I smirked and swung my blades. Time slowed down as he swung, i dodged and slammed both of my blades against his shield. he fell back and growled. He swung three times in a rapid combo. i parried each strike and jumped as he kicked at my leg. I swung at him, as he parried my blade, I twisted my blade and ducked as he swung his shield. My left handed blade slashed his stomach, and I rolled back with a laugh. Vilos screamed and charged at me again. We fought back each of us exchanging blows. in ten short minutes He had received six wounds from my blade while i only sustained a fat lip from a strike of his shield. Calipso finally stepped and said "stop, Raze is Victor." Vilos threw his blade down and stormed away. I sat down and Deveraux laughed loudly. "finally someone puts that man in his place. I'd Never thought it'd be our little Raze however!" He dodged my half hearted swipe and Eleanor sat down next to Demetri.

       "Well at least the new one showed his skills. now all he needs to do is Make Calipso Happy for once," she said. I rose my eyebrow and looked at Calipso. " He makes me happy all the time for your information Ellie." She smirked and said, " i Never 'hear' you guys so I don't see how he makes you happy" My cheeks flared with heat and Calipso blushed. "ahhh, see? you need to find you a man not a boy Cali." I rolled my eyes and laid back. Calipso laid with me and I asked," she's not telling the truth is she?" Calipso smiled and said," you know better then to believe Ellie." " Raze, a word please." I looked up and saw the Demetri beckoning me.

       I slowly rose up and walked over to him. "why did you defend me when that Vilos man was abusing me." I replied sharply," Please. don't take it as a compliment. I relish any opportunity to piss him off. If that's all you have to say don't speak to me again. however if you have information as to why you were there, I'd love to hear it." He remained quiet and I spoke again," Listen. We aren't releasing you unless you give us an answer. Right now its me being nice and civil. Soon it'll be Vilos digging his blade into your skin. Either way, you need to talk." He sighed and said," I don't know anything then our orders. Which were to find you. and you specifically. and bring you back to Corinthia for something. That's all I know."

       I frowned and looked at him. Either he was the best liar I've ever come across or he was telling the truth. I slowly walked to the group and relayed the information back to them. "Why would they want only you? what about the rest of us?" Deveraux's voice was thick with envy. I shrugged and sat back down. Vilos spoke up," So can I kill the bastard yet?" I glared at him and said," you touch him and your head will roll." He sneered," I think you have competition sister." I rolled my eyes and looked away.

       Thoughts swirled my brain. It was curious as to why they only wanted me. I was the newest addition to the group, and certainly not the deadliest. That was a tossup between Deveraux and Luca. I closed my eyes and tried desperately to sleep. when I finally faded away, my thoughts went to Calipso. and I smiled as my dreams took over

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