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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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just something that struck the mind... more to come from though

      The world... before the terror of the Apocalypse started. People had called it chaotic. uncivilized and brutish even. People blamed politicians and the government for all the mistakes in the world. Some of their accusations proved true, but in the end, It was our ignorance. Our stupidity. Our weakness. that led to the Earth retaliating in the worst way possible. And when the dust cleared. When the survivors realized their world had fallen. True chaos reigned the world. Bandit tribes formed to pillage and kill and steal. All the things bandits did so long ago, they did now. They ruled what had used to be the United States. Thousands of tribes dotting the map. Thousands of wars breaking out. And thousands died, Bandits and Civilians alike. They called the old world Chaotic? It seems like such a dream now. A dream we all wished was real again. Heroes rose throughout the O.U.S (Olden United States) and they all fell to the Bandits. Their names faded into dust and their families mourned. One man however. A young boy of only 17 at the start of this tale,refused to go down unmarked. He stood, and still does stand now, as my greatest friend. He is known as the Reaper now. But before,he was known as Lyle. And young Lyle would soon discover his destiny. Then wish he never did...

       I start my tale at Lyle's home. a small tent outside of the old city Rutherford. It was on the panhandle of the state that used to be known as Florida. Lyle was used to his daily routine of hunting,hiding,training,and salvaging. He didn't think his life would hold much more then this. And from that day on... He wished it never had.

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