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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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Knights: Did I mention that they are vampires = 1 =

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The night began as any other. Calm and quiet. It was early summer so the weather was neither too hot nor too cold. The scene of roses came from the garden at the home of my grandmother. My parents sent me to Grandma Rosemary, while doing a major renovation of our house in the city. Honestly, I loved going to stay at my grandmother. There I felt good. The truth is that I’m not very sociable and people don’t like me much. Maybe the reason is that I don’t like to deal with meaningless things like shopping for fun. I find it annoying. On the other hand, my sister Laurie loved to shop. We were complete opposites, but we got along. She had a strange hobby – magic. Grandma instigates her for that. I watched her only to make sure that she will not hurt. Take care of each other, although we were almost the same age.  
     My hobby was to read strange books. I love to paint and listen to music. Although I shared my hobbies with my sister. But she had many friends and she goes out with them. Actually I forgot to say that I’m Kate and I am 17 years old, and Laurie is 16. Now we were on vacation, so we have plenty of free time. But while Laurie went with her friends, and I helped on my grandmother and her neighbors. I earn extra money. I also had a part time job at a nearby supermarket. It was not much. I wore a uniform and pretend to be polite. It is not easy. But I was doing pretty well. Moreover, I knew almost all customers.
     One morning my grandmother came along with Laurie. My boss let me go earlier at the request of my grandmother. It turned out that we work at home. So we went back. We started to clean. My job was in the garden in front the house. Even wore special clothes. Then I saw that arrive car and truck across the street. I called Grandma and she came. My sister too.
-Who are they? – Laurie asked.
      Neither the grandmother not the other gossip from the neighborhood knew who were the owners of the big dark house.  I remember that when we were small, me and Laurie are inserted there to look for ghosts. Then out stepped elderly gentleman. The driver, perhaps. He opened the rear door. The boy went down. Rather, the young man roughly my age. I’m not sure. He was dressed entirely in black, and it suited him well. Went down and one girl. She wore a dark purple dress and the skirt was pleated. The girl had beautiful blonde hair. My sister and my grandmother, and other neighbors saw them. The blond girl looked at us. Laurie said at least because I was working. Unlike others, I was not curious. And all of the time. But I felt otherwise. For a moment I saw the face of my sister. It was red.
-What’s wrong? – I asked.
-He looks at us?
-Who is watching us?
-The boy from the ‘white’ house.
-So? Come on! – I looked at her. – Get back to work.
     Then took her by the arm and took her inside. I rebuked her, and then again went back to work. By the end of the day we were both tired. We stood in the living room after dinner and watched the news on TV when the front door rang. Grandma went to open it. At one time she sounded very happy with something. I heard her say: “Please, come in!”. Laurie looked at the door with curiosity. Not long after she came through the door with our new neighbors. My sister’s eyes gleamed.
     Once guests are seated, my grandmother asked me to serve tea. I did it. I held up politely as I was taught, but most of the time I stood there quietly. I don’t ask questions because my sister did it. The boy was Alex and the girl – Ella. They say that their parents traveled a lot. They  did not mention anything about their personal life.  No details. I felt something strange about them. I cannot explain it. But there was another. Alex looked at me almost all the time. At least until my phone rang and I was needing to go into another room.
    Sought me not someone else, but my friend from school. As far as I had known he likes me. I was really surprised by the call.
-Terry? Why are you calling? – I asked.
‘I wanted to check out how are you.’
-Well, I’m fine. Thank you.
‘I heard from your parents that you’ll stay in the home of your grandmother, because they will travel. Is it true?’
-Yes. And I found out recently. I will teach in local high school. And now… I have guests here and I cannot speak. Bye!
     I hang up before they let him say something. Terry was kind to me, but most of the time behaved little possessive. I do not like it. Anyway, I went on the score and noticed a new face. Grandma presented him as the older brother of Alex and Ella. His name was Eric. Had black hair and bright eyes. Was dressed in black jeans and white shirt. He bows down slightly. I also nodded and sat next to my sister.
-Who was that? – Grandma asked, indicating the phone.
-Classmate. More precisely, ex-classmate. He heard the we moved here. That’s it.
     I spoke calmly, but avoided watching our guests in the eyes. Moreover, they did not remain very long. Then came the friends of my grandmother. They and my sister pass stopped excited by newly arrived neighbors. I ate cake and I got into my room, lay on the bed and listening to music. Maybe I fell asleep because I dreamed something very strange. There was fog and crows. I saw shadows. Nothing defined. Everything was messed up and fast shot. I felt breathless and tired and suddenly woke up. My sister slept in the next bed and the room was dark. I looked at the clock showed 4:15 am. I could not sleep, so I went into the kitchen. Poured a glass of water and sat in the dark. I thought about my grandfather. He was alive, but he lived in a small hut in a lake, whose name was difficult to adjudicate. With grandmother had separated years ago but not officially. Grandpa Harry was a good man. Many love him, but rarely see. Thank God, he and grandma were on good terms.
     As I stood, I heard a car stop. Very surprised, because he was still very early. I looked out the window. Grandpa? What is he doing here at this time? I went to meet him.
-Grandpa? – I tried to be quiet. – What are you doing here at this time?
     He came and hugged me. I felt the familiar smell of tobacco.
-I have a meeting with my old friends from the hunting club. But why do not you sleep?
-You know that I am an early riser. But come in! I’ll make breakfast.
      Whereas the entry I noticed that my grandpa looking around. I said nothing, though it seemed a little strange. As I promised, I made pancakes with blueberry syrup and fruit tea. We ate in silence.

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