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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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The Son of Artemis. Prolouge

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Hope y'all like it :D

      Under the moon,the woman was gorgeous. Her skin seemed to shine under the glow of the moonlight,and her hair was pure black mixing in with the darkness of the night. Her eyes were bright silver matching the moon, and her mouth was formed in a permanent scowl. She walked by a crowd of people, and each one she walked by stopped in their tracks and just stared at the beautiful woman. She smiled slightly and thought herself matching Aphrodite's beauty. Though she knew to never say that in front of her siblings. Knowing them a war would break out. But still,she thought,it is nice to look pretty.
     She scanned the crowd and her eyes fell upon a man who wasn't even stunned. He had his hands in pockets and was looking at her casually. He had bright white hair,but had the appearence of a young man. His muscles rippled without him flexing,and his eyes shone with lust. At first she thought it was one of her siblings, but dismissed the thought when she couldn't feel any power radiating from him. The mystery man stepped forward and stopped the woman, then bowed low. She stepped back cautiously, even for a mortal this man was dangerous. He stood and smiled, his teeth pearly white.

     "You're Artemis." It wasn't a question. Stunned by the mortal's knowledge she slowly nodded. He gestured forward and smiled again. Her eyes narrowed and chills raced down her spine. Something was very wrong. But she followed him anyway. It had been a while since she had a good fight. Besides,what could a mortal do to her?

X                                    X                                        X

       The little child was walking. Only four monthes old and he was already exploring. Artemis looked upon her child with disgust. Her maidenhood had been robbed, and this child the result. Even though she hated the child, she couldn't help but love him at the same time. It was her child after all, and the only one she'd ever have. He laughed loudly and looked at her. Her heart stopped and she lost her breath. The child's eyes were bright silver like hers, but they were even brighter. His hair was a mixture of white and black,and already reached past his ears.        
      He was an absolutely gorgeous child. And was already the size of a two year old. His aura radiated raw power. More then any full aged demigod she had met. So then she decided to keep his heritage a secret. Noone would know her greatest shame, and her greatest pride.

       Chapter One

       I walked down the hallway and kept my head down. If I looked up, the girls would surround me immediatly. Something about my eyes and hair drew them to me. It pissed the guys off to no end, especially when it was their girlfriends looking at me. I smiled at the thought and looked up. I could use a fight to keep me going through the day. I scanned the faces and smiled at each girl I passed. Their faces were struck dumb and I laughed softly. Usually being a preety boy was annoying. I got too much attention and it drove me nuts. But it was nice to flaunt it around every once in a while.
       Noone knew why my eyes were bright silver. or my hair a mixture of black and white. I'm sure the combination was rare. Hell I think noone had seen the combo until I was born. I wasn't that tall though. Maybe 6'0" or 6'1". My muscles weren't massive but they still popped out. It was my face that made me preety. My mother had told me I could rival Aphrodite, but I knew in a beauty contest I would always lose. I was hot,but Aphrodite was jaw dropping, eye bulging, drop dead gorgeous. Her children were the same,though a little watered down by their mortal half. I had met a few. Hell i've met loads of demigods. Each one I had to lie to about my true parent. Mother would kill me if I revealed it. I was forced to pretend I was a child of Apollo. Even though in the sun I look like crap. Mother said I couldn't pull of acting like a mortal. I radiated pure demigod.
     The bell rang and I sighed. I was still a distance away from class and would probably get a lecture from the teacher now. I shrugged and walked even slower. I could deal with a lecture. I needed some time with my thoughts anyway. I always thought of my mother whenever I wasn't involved in something. She hates me. But I know she loves me too. She only hates the fact I'm her child. No big deal right? Before you start judging her however she has her reasons. She was Artemis. Hell she had a band of hunters who renounced romance and focused on only the hunt. Is it a wonder she's disgusted with herself for having a child? But I knew she loved me more then she hated me. We talked often whenever I was out of school or I was doing some small task. We had full conversations in my mind,which made it impossible to keep secrets away from her.        
     You should be in class, her voice rang in my head. Speak of the devil I thought back. Yes I know i'm amazing and you're always thinking about me. But you young man need to get into class. Her voice was firm and I laughed. Really mother? Its not as if they can punish me. I'll just smile at them and they'll forget it. I was joking with her, which was never a good idea. But I'm in a joking mood. Sue me. NO. Get to class now. Or I'm taking away your toys. I grabbed my head and thought. Really mom? Ugh. Fine. Can you hang up now? I would hate to make everyone think I was insane cause I keep grabbing my head when you yell. She laughed and I felt her leave my mind. Then I started to run to class not anxious to have my toys taken away.

And case you were wondering. My 'toys' are actually my armor and swords. My mother calls them toys. I call them death. Ahhhhh. Sometimes its good to laugh at yourself.

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