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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Son of Artemis Chapter two.

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The day passed by slowly. Instead of it being a blur, it just had to be a like a slug. The one day I want it to pass quickly and instead it goes like this. Don't ya hate it when stuff like that happens? I know I'm not the only one. It happens on T.V. all the time. Yeah I'm a demigod and I watch T.V. Stop getting all excited and thinking, ‘oooh! I might be a demigod!' Well sorry if you are 16 and you haven't ever felt weird or something ( I don't know how to explain that you're a demigod. I knew from the day I could talk) then you aren't a demigod. Can I go on with the story?

Anyway before I started ranting about that stuff, I was saying something about the one day I wanted to pass quickly. The reason why was because my mom said she had a surprise for me. Usually when she said that it meant a present or something. But I was already armed to the teeth with special weapons and armor mom got me. Being an only child of a maiden goddess definitely paid off. The last bell finally rang and I flew out of the room. I was at the end of the hall when I heard, “Leo! Wait up!" I stopped confused and turned around. A girl was running towards me. I'd seen her sometime this morning but didn't really remember her. Which was surprising, she was a lot prettier then all the girls here. She had red hair that reached her shoulders. They were in curls and matched her makeup perfectly. Her eyes were dark red too and her clothes went perfectly with everything.

My first thought was, ‘Another demigod? Jeez gods really like sex don't they?' But she didn't radiate any power. She was just a mortal. While my mind was in hyperactive mode, she finally walked up to me and blushed when I looked into her eyes. I stopped myself and forced the charm to turn off. This one I just wanted to talk to without the damn pretty boy thing getting in the way. "Uhm... tonight there's this new movie out. And I was just wondering... Uhm... if you wanted to come with me." She was extremely nervous and I felt bad. A girl this beautiful was nervous cuz of my stupid demigod qualities. I can't lie, I love being a demigod, but sometimes it just got really old. Tonight though... Mother said she had a surprise for me, but this girl was worth skipping out. I held up one finger to the girl and pulled out my phone. I pretended to be on a phone call, but just contacted my mom through the ole mind phone.

Just go with her son. The surprise can wait till after the movie. Her voice startled me and I jumped like five feet in the air. I nodded and starting talking nonsense into the phone pretending. I said," Thanks mom. I love you." I heard a small grunt in my mind and I rolled my eyes.

I walked back to the girl and said," Yeah I'm free. What time should I pick you up love?" She blushed wildly when I called her love. “Actually... I was wondering if we could just hang out until the movie starts... If that's ok with you?" I thought for a second and smiled. I nodded towards her and she scurried back to her friends to tell them the news. I waited by my locker patiently. Weird... I'm never patient. This girl is already changing me. Well that's it. No more wild life for me. I laughed at myself and slid to the floor waiting silently for the girl.

She come running back and I looked at her softly. “What’s your name," I asked.
She looked down and replied softly, “Jade Hales." I stood up and put out my hand. “Nice to meet ya Jade. I’m Leonardo Da Roada. But just call me Leo. Or Beast. Or Stallion. Whatever you want." She laughed and said," I think I'll just call you Beastly Leo." I laughed and we walked out of the school. Beastly Leo. Why hadn't I thought of that???

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