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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Son of Artemis chapter three

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Now the night was just amazing. I mean even though the movie was crap, and the couple behind us was bugging the hell out of me. I was still out with a gorgeous girl, who in the middle grabbed my hand and laid her head on my shoulder. It was an amazing feeling. I don't know how mom went so long without ever getting intimate. After the movie was over we walked around town for a while. She told me about her home life and how she hated her friends. “Then why even hang out with them?" She shrugged and said, “I don't have any real choice. I'd rather be by myself then with those bullies. They never leave Kid or Mark alone." I frowned. I knew those names from somewhere. "Who are they?" She looked at me and replied softly, “These two guys who are really smart but really ugly. So Bailey, Carli, and Elizabeth pick on them. I just stand to the side cuz they can get really nasty."

Kid and Mark... I thought I had met them somewhere before. Children of Hephaestus I thought. That would explain the really smart but really ugly bit. Half the kids that went to my school were demigods. Though the mortals were totally clueless to who we really were. Some kind of magic obscured their vision. I don’t really know I never asked for details. I don’t really communicate with mortals anyway. So why should I know about their handicaps? But I should probably learn because this girl was something different. I looked in her eyes and couldn't stop staring. Up close her eyes were still dark red but they had little black spots. She kissed me after a minute and I immediately backed off. She looked worried and I said, “We barely know each other. Let’s wait a while before the whole kissing each other bit." Rule 1 of being a demigod. Don't get attached to mortals. But it was really hard with this one. I've kissed girls before but with this girl I had to be careful. I could see myself easily falling for her. And I didn't want her hurt. My mom told me I have a horrible future ahead of me, with pain and loss and violence all in it (What a great thing to tell your kid right? It’s like, 'Hey Johnny. You'll have fun for a couple years, but the next forty years you'll wish you could be dead!' My mother and her humor...)

She looked at me while I was thinking. Her eyes ran all over my body and it started to unnerve me. No it wasn't her. Something was coming. "Go home love. I'll see you in the hallway tomorrow." I kissed her nose softly and started to run off, but she grabbed my arm. I looked back and her eyes were wide with fear. Wait. She felt it too? I wasn’t going to be able to get rid of her, she would follow me regardless. I ran, with her hanging on my arm still. I ran through the brush and disappeared into the woods. I kept running until I hit a clearing. I muttered a phrase and a cloak appeared draping across my back. Two taps on my chest and a breastplate, greaves and gauntlets fastened themselves onto me. I reached toward my back and felt my blades appear. I pulled them out and stood waiting silently. Jade gasped and looked at me. I don’t know if I was like hotter wearing armor or something but she couldn’t stop staring.  

It kept coming. Whatever this thing was it was incredibly strong. I could feel its aura and it was at least another half mile away from me. I cursed and started getting ancy. It’s been a while since my last fight so I'm not entirely sure if I’ll survive to keep telling you guys my sweet little narrative. Yeah I know you were enjoying it, but hey you come here and take my place. See how long you last.

Finally it appeared and I saw it wasn't an it. It was a he. And He just happened to be Achilles. The greatest demigod warrior and he was charging me. Great.

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