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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Son of Artemis Chapter 4

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Hope you guys like it

So Achilles was charging me. Now I know what you're thinking. Achilles died like a billion years ago. How is he in the world of the living? Well I’ll get to that after I explain how quick he pounded my ass.

Sword and shield fighting was the standard for any soldier starting out. But Achilles made it extremely complex. He came at me in full out attack mode, no defense at all. I blocked each of his strikes, but just barely. He was a blur using his shield as well as his sword for weapons. I had the urge to use my cloak, but resisted. If I was gonna win this fight, I’d do it without magic. I parried another strike and pushed forward, forcing him to defend. He did so with ease and soon I found his shield slamming against my jaw. Things got dizzy for a second, but this wasn't the movies. Achilles didn't wait for me to recover. He pushed me to the ground, disarmed me, and stuck his sword under my neck. Well that's it right? I closed my eyes and waited for death. I heard a scream, but it was muffled. Jade, I thought. I flipped Achilles over my head and held out my hands. My swords came flying to them and I whirled around. His shield slammed into my blades and I desperately pushed. But he was incredibly strong, I couldn’t hold him off. I slid them to the side and ducked as he slashed at me. We kept fighting and the only thing I could think of was protecting Jade.
He kept coming again and again. It seemed like he wasn’t even trying. This pissed me off to no end. Here I was giving it all I had and there he was just toying with me. Soon I found myself on the ground again, weaponless with a shield on my hand and sword on my throat. I looked to Jade and caught her eyes. At least she would be the last thing I saw before I died.

But of course, my mother started laughing. She stepped into the clearing and looked at me smirking. It looked weird whenever she did that. She was always frowning or just had a serious look. She whistled to Achilles and he stepped off. I groaned, “Y’know I was having a great time before you sprang this on me. How the hell is Achilles even here?" My tone struck the smirk from her face and she returned to frowning. "Hades owed me a favor. Achilles is going to train you. This was just a test to see how much you knew from just fighting against wooden men. Now," She turned to Achilles," Your thoughts?"

He stopped to think for a moment and looked at me. Like he was analyzing me. He cleared his throat and said," Well he's not entirely clueless. He lasted longer than most men do against me. His defense is tightened. I couldn't find a weak point in it. If he hadn't switched to the offensive the bout would've been longer.  His offense is horrible. He's far too clumsy and stupid. He has more speed then I and moderate strength. In time he'll be able to beat me. And he fought harder when he realized the mortal woman. He seemed very determined to protect her" He bowed his head. I thought about what he said. So my defense was great, my offense sucked, and I was faster? He was a blur. How in the hell could I be faster than that? And of course I would protect Jade. There’s no reason I wouldn’t.  He continued the discussion with my mother, but I just laid there lost in thought.  Jade slowly crawled towards me glancing at my mother every few feet. She finally reached me and crawled into my arms. The only thing I could think of, while she laid there, was how screwed up I made her life. Now she knew about two worlds. Mine and hers. I want to tell her to run. Following me will just get her killed. I don’t love the girl. Well not yet anyway. But somehow I know I will soon.

So you wanna know how much my mom loves me? To get my attention, she shot an arrow and it nicked my shoulder. I cursed and looked at her like, ‘WHAT THE HELL?!' She shrugged and said," You weren't responding to my saying your name." I rolled my eyes," SO, just say it in my mind. We do it all the time, but no you just had to stick me with an arrow. Love you too mom." Her eyes got cold and my sarcasm disappeared immediately. I did not want to make my mom angry. I had never seen her explode. Or even close to it. But now she looked angrier than ever. Achilles bowed his head and he walked off. Which was a good idea. Because my mom, for the first time ever, screamed at me. “You have no idea how much I have sacrificed for you, you selfish little brat! I have done too much just to give you all the protection I can give! Two swords that are indestructible and can only ever be held by you. Light as a feather! A crossbow and bolts that never run out. The line on the crossbow, barely a tug from you and it retracts. Both those things disappear whenever you sheathe them. Armor fit for a god! A cloak that will transport you anywhere at any time you want. And finally I get the greatest warrior the world has ever seen to train you and you still think I don't love you?! When my family finds out about you. And it will be soon they do. They will want you for themselves. To use as a tool or a bargaining chip to get something from me. I am giving you the means to protect yourself so I can rest during the day. I have never loved anything but the hunt..." She stopped to calm down a little."Alright I admit I was in love with Orion, but my brother stopped that in its tracks. Do you imagine how mad he will be when he finds out a mere mortal tricked me and you were the result of it. You have to stop being so careless and actually think of your mother for a change. If I were to lose you, my heart would never heal. You are the second man I have ever loved and you are the one thing in this chaotic world I love most. So do not for think for one second I don't. You will never be sarcastic about that again. Are we clear son?" Jade was shaking in fear and I squeezed her softly letting her know I was still here. My ears were still ringing from her screaming but I managed to nod.

She sat down. Tears trailed down her face. I had never seen my mother cry. I didn't even know gods could cry. Something was wrong. She must've read the worry in my mind and she whispered," Hecate knows about you. She's telling my family now. So no school tomorrow. They will want to meet you. And I won't deny them that. Its time I stop hiding you son." Jade looked up for the first time to my mother. And spoke with a shaky voice. “My mother told them already… But only one is angry.” Her mother? Awh damn it there goes the story. It would be a lot more interesting if the girl I’m falling for Is a mortal, but instead she has to be a demigod just like me. A daughter of Hecate though, who would’ve thought? My mother nodded, as if she already knew who Jade was and wasn’t even angry about it. A meeting with all the gods of Olympus. Great. My life couldn't get any better. I mean seriously? I can’t have one moment without something being wrong. It is like I have a curse. Stupid demigod world. But wait I skipped over a thought. How did Hecate know about me? (By the way. In case you don't know. Hecate is the Goddess of Magic.) I had never even met one of her children. Until Jade anyway. I heard horrible stories about most of them though. How they trapped men and kept them as pets. Killed them for rituals. Stuff like that. Anyway. I hope Jade doesn’t do the same stuff. It’d be creepy to have that kind of girlfriend. Ok. Onto the next day.

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