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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Artemis Chapter 5

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      So. Yeah. I couldn't sleep at all that night. I mean come on I was meeting the gods of Olympus today. I'm not made of steel you know. I was nervous as hell. (And yes I say Hell a lot. I’m not gonna say I was nervous as underworld. That just sounds stupid)
I brought Jade to my tiny apartment my mother had bought for me.Through her weird supernatural ways. I fell into my bed, and she crawled into my arms again. I had a million questions to ask her, now that I knew that she belonged in my world. Well our world. Whatever you wanna call it. But I kept silent. I was loving the feeling too much. I didn’t wanna screw it up with my big mouth. So we stayed silent. Time creeped by minute by minute and soon I fell asleep.

One thing before I go any further with my amazing story. I know its going really fast and it seems like I’m skipping some things. But this is how it seriously happened. My life moves by fast, so the story will too. You don't like it? Put the book down then and zone out on your phone.

I felt a tap on my head and I woke up immediately. My mother stood before me and was looking at Jade. “Say goodbye now son, and prepare yourself. You have ten minutes.” She walked out of the apartment and I sat there. I didn’t want to leave Jade. I wanted her with me. But I know better than to bring her with me while I meet the gods. Knowing myself I’d probably get her killed. I put my cloak on, tapped my chest twice and felt my armor appear. I willed my swords to stay visible. I wanted to look impressive. Sexy too. I was meeting Aphrodite today. Jade’s eyes flashed at me. She seemed to know what I was thinking. I smiled and went to her. She hugged me tightly and whispered,” You better come back beastie.” I laughed and pulled back. I wanted so bad to kiss her. But I couldn’t. Once I got back I would. That much I promise to you. Hope it makes you keep reading. I hope you do, I’m working my tail off to tell you this story. (And no I don’t really have a tail. You mortals are so gullible sometimes) My mother watched me ready myself and when I finally stood ready she spoke, “Follow me." Her voice was broken. And I immediately felt horrible. I hugged my mother and said," Everything will be fine. I'm too much to handle for them to want me anyway. They'd just end up killing me after a while." I was trying to cheer her up but she stood a stone. Impossible to crack. She faded away and I thought of her. Immediately I felt myself disappear and I was standing next to her. Right inside the gates of Mount Olympus.

Now you may think that you have seen something beautiful. Like a gorgeous sunset or a beautiful valley with a river. Well yeah, you haven't seen beautiful till you see Mount Olympus. I can't really describe what I saw. Just that it put me in a trance for a second. Everything was shining. I saw colors i didn't even know existed, all around me. My mother tapped my shoulder and I followed her. I shook my head and tried to shake off the feeling.

It kinda worked until we got to the gardens. Then I felt my breath leave my body. Now I know how mortals feel whenever I’m around. There were roses and tulips and tiger lilies. I could see all of my favorite flowers in the garden and they beckoned towards me. I started toward them to smell them, but mom stopped me and we kept walking.

We passed by courtyards, amphitheaters, and even an arena. Cheers rose from it and I smiled. I had studied gladiator games a few years back. I always wanted to fight in one just to hear the crowd screaming. There couldn't be a more glorious sound then the sound of a crowd screaming

After what seemed like miles. We finally stopped in the middle of nowhere. I mean nowhere. I couldn't see anything. I felt wind shove me to the ground and heard rushing sounds. Like two hundreds semi-trucks went by me at 90 miles an hour. I looked up and saw eleven people looking down at me. Well 'people' is kinda wrong. They were all gorgeous. They're gods what else could I expect.

So yeah. That's how the gods decided to show up. Still interested? I mean I could just stop the story here and make you mad. Make you wanna know what they said. What they did. What I said back. Well... Fine. You're lucky I’m in a good mood today.
So. Back to the story

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