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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Son of Artemis Chapter 6

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Took me a while but still finished chapter six

      So. The gods were all looking at me and I just laid there waiting for my mother's command.

    "Rise son."

    I stood up slowly and looked forward. Right into the eyes of some guy with a huge beard.

    Without thinking I said," You might wanna buy a razor man. It works wonders."

    Thunder rumbled above and I bit my tongue. Not even past five minutes and I already made Zeus mad at me.

    He looked at my mother and said," Quite a mouth on this one. You raised him like this?"

    My eyes narrowed and I felt my hands shake. I tightened them into fists and looked down.

    "His mouth is something I have never been able to control. Nor have I ever wanted to. He makes me laugh every once a while, so yes I let him have control of his mouth."

    I stifled a laugh and bit my cheeks to keep from smiling.

    I saw someone step up and stand right in front of me. He was the only god wearing his armor. But it was extremely bright. I had to close my eyes to keep from losing my sight.

   "This is my nephew?"

   His voice was kind of musical. Like half singing, half talking. I opened my eyes a little and looked at my mother. Her eyes were cool, and her face was emotionless.

   She nodded and said," Yes brother. This is Leonardo Da Roada. My only son. My greatest pride."

   I stood waiting for the next bit but she didn't say it. I frowned. I was also her greatest shame. This was still all weird for me. The gods whispered amongst themselves and finally one spoke up.

  "Let's see the tiny one fight. I could use a show."

   The man was brutish. He reminded me of a hog or a huge deadly pig. Except he wasn't. He was Ares. Apollo stepped back and smirked.

   "Three trials. All in the arena. To test my little nephew’s capabilities."

    Again my tongue got the better of me.

    "I'm sure I can handle more than a god who's only real job is pulling the sun. I mean yeah it's difficult but it isn't like you ever fight."

    I wanted to slap myself after I was done. But my mother did that for me.

   "He is your elder. And your uncle. Treat him with respect son."

   I rubbed my face and bit back a retort.

   My mother looked to Apollo and said," He accepts the trials. Or rather I do. He will participate whether he wants to or not."

   Ah what a loving mother I have. Apollo looked at me and seemed to have read my mind. Next thing I know I’m on the ground and my jaw was stinging. I felt blood pour down my cheek and I groaned a little.

      Realizing where I was, I quickly stood up and looked Apollo in the eye. I wanted to fight him. I stepped close and kept eye contact. I wasn't scared of this particular god. In fact I wanted to beat his pretty little face in.

    "I want my third trial to be fighting you." Again my tongue getting the better of me. I couldn't believe my mother didn't object, and Apollo laughed along with the other gods. The male ones anyway.

       But one god looked at me with pity. Well goddess. I tried not to look at her. If I did I might go blind. Remember when I said Aphrodite was Drop Dead gorgeous? Yeah well I was waaaaaayyyyy off. She kept switching forms. From her original one to Jade's. Except it was Jade flawless. I had to use all of my willpower not to drop onto my knees and kiss her feet and the very ground she stood. Gods now I sound like a I want to start a cult. The gods kept talking trying to decide my first two trials.

     I couldn't hear a word they were saying. My mom still stood by me and looked at me with watery eyes.

     My angry mood dissipated and I said, “Mom I'm sorry. I... I just lost control of my mouth."

     She shook her head and hugged me."My brother will kill you if he wins. So don't let him,"

     It seemed like she knew he would win. And these were the last words she'd ever say to me.

     I forced a smile and pulled back. "You know me. I can't stand losing."

    The corners of her lips twitched, but she kept the weary look. It really didn't work for her. She tilted her head and playfully punched me. I really need to work on the mind thing. Like seriously I can't have one thought without my mom knowing about it. Really annoying.

        The gods finally turned back towards me and Zeus stepped forward. He spoke and his looked agitated. Like any minute he'd strike me with a bolt of lightning. He was one god I definitely wanted no trouble with.

     So I said," I apologize for my rude statement earlier. I tend to open relationships with a joke. And I meant no disrespect. I only mean to disrespect my dear uncle."

    Apollo smirked and crossed his arms. However Zeus' expression changed. He spoke, his voice soft.

   “Your three trials have been decided. Your first one will be facing the Chimera and Empousa."

   And I felt the color leave my face. The mother of all monsters and her favorite one. I nodded slightly and He went on.

  "Your second trial will be facing my own son. Hercules in one on one combat."

   Oh come on! Hercules?! I wouldn't even make it to Apollo. And if I did I’d be so tired I wouldn't be able to stand straight enough to face him.

  "And of course fighting Apollo will be your third trial." That one I accepted graciously.

    I glanced toward my mother, but she was gone. She wouldn't be able to watch.

    I nodded towards Zeus and said," What are we waiting for? Let's get this party started." He snapped his fingers and I disappeared

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