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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Son of artemis chapter 7

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Very short chapter.

      I materialized behind an iron gate. I heard a crowd roaring, getting louder and louder each second. I stood. And stood. And stood. But the Iron Gate didn’t lift. The crowd got quieter. Then I heard thunder again.

     This time it was so loud it shook the ground and I heard a voice rumble,” I gave you maidenhood and you were tricked by a damn mortal! How do I know that he tricked you? What if he caught your heart and then left broken? Now you have that ignorant little child who thinks he can take on a god. You best pray that the little mongrel makes it through all his trials or I’ll kill him myself. Then maybe next time you won’t be a harlot and decide to have another child.”

    I heard harlot and I lost it. I felt myself shimmer away and appear before Zeus.

    My mother was crying, with a bruise on cheek already swelling up.
Now two things I don’t like. Men hitting women, and my mother hurt. So you can imagine my reaction when he raised his hand to strike her again. I screamed and drove my sword into his shoulder. Thunder roared in the skies above and lightning crackled around us. He punched me in the chest and I felt my breath disappear. The lightning wrapped around his hand and prepared to strike it down on me. Then an arrow buried into his calf. Once again thunder shook the skies and threatened to crack the ground. My mother stood in front of me, bow in hand and her usual frown.
   “My child’s worth has been proven. He would die to protect me. As I will him.”

   Zeus still shook with anger but the lightning disappeared and I felt my breath return. I love breathing, so I don’t think I’m going to be putting a sword in the king of the gods shoulder for a while. Forever if I could help it. But knowing me I can’t. Especially if he hits my mother again.

  “You are suspended from the council Artemis. Indefinitely.  Take your bastard and leave Olympus.”

   He walked away and my mother turned to look at me.

   “That was a very stupid thing to do son.”

    Anger rushed through my blood and I found myself screaming,” He hit you what the hell was I supposed to do?! Let him do it again?! No one, not even the king of the gods will hit you and not find me standing between you and them!”

    Her eyes watered and she hugged me. She rubbed my back and tried to calm me down. And after a short minute we disappeared. Then appeared in my apartment again. Where Jade still laid. Waiting.

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