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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Son of artemis Chapter 8

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Im working really hard on this book so I hope y'all like it

      Jade literally tackled me when I appeared and once again I found myself without breath. It’s starting to get really annoying that people keep me from breathing.

       Now I don’t know if it is a problem for everyone. But some people tend to forget what they read a few minutes ago and I feel obligated to give a recap. Don’t feel bad if you did forget anything, everyone forgets and I know my story isn’t really all that interesting.  But onto the recap. I explained about how my mom and I could talk to each other without speaking. Special mother and son bond. Trust me it is NOT cool. She can see everything I think about. No privacy and no use lying to her. I said I went to a school that was half demigod, half mortal. The mortals were only there so all that raw power that was there didn’t explode. Like if you shake a bottle of soda and open it. But instead its demigods, some who liked having power over mortals. It’s really hard to explain so I will just give you the very simple version.  A lot of kids are bullied and Demigods are usually the bullies. I am not one of those demigods. Power scares me. So I try to avoid the fact I have any. Hence why I had my head down at the beginning of the story. Anyway, I met Jade and we went on a date. That ended with Achilles showing up and beating the hell out of me. I spent the night with Jade in my arms (Magical night by the way). Met the gods, decided I hated my loving uncle Apollo. Zeus hit my mom; I stabbed him and got my mom kicked of the Council indefinitely.  All that in seven chapters. Once again I know I’m moving really fast, but this is just how it happened. I don’t really pay attention to detail, so I’m sorry if the story is lacking it. Ok back to it then.

       My mom left quickly, with a short I love you and a hug.

Jade looked at me and said,” What happened up there?”

I sighed and fell onto the bed. My chest still hurt and Adrenaline still pumped in my veins.

“The almighty Zeus hit my mother… So I drove my sword into his shoulder.”

Jade looked at me, then at the ceiling. I laughed and said,

  “If he wanted to kill me, he’d be a man about it and look me in the eyes when he did. I hope so anyway.”

   She hugged me and I found myself calming down. My heartbeat slowed instead of pounding and I felt my mind go numb. Oh yeah. I made a promise to you, my adoring readers. But, I need some time still. This isn’t the right moment to be kissing. We laid on the bed. And fell asleep.
       My dreams were normal. Something weird happened and I woke up because it freaked me out. You know how people have nightmares? Well. I kinda have them, except there’s always this weird twist. Like at the end of a really bad scary movie, they try to put a twist in to make it feel like you didn’t just two hours of your life watching a crappy scary movie. Kinda like that except I don’t play twelve dollars for a ticket. Jade was still sleeping, her head rested on my chest and her arms were wrapped around me. Now I could feel her power. It was strong, and it pumped like a heart beating. It was soothing. Like I was drinking warm milk. So while she was sleeping, I just sat there and thought of everything. I wondered where my mother was. Probably with her hunters, she needed a break from men. I smiled at the thought. Some of those hunters were really cute. But they renounce romance and all intentions of being with men. So they’re like hardcore lesbians. Ok that’s really mean, I take that back.

       Jade stirred and rolled over, her arms slipping off my body. Her power faded and eventually I couldn’t feel anything. She must have to touch someone for power to flow. I wrapped my arms over her and cuddled close. Her power came flowing back and I fell back asleep to the feel of it.

   When I woke up next, I saw Jade looking at me.

   I smiled and said;” Early bird gets the worm huh?”

   She laughed and said,” It’s not that early beastie. It’s five in the afternoon.”

   I frowned and glanced at the clock. 5:02 p.m. I hadn’t even been that tired. And I never really slept long anyway. But now that I think of it I didn’t even have any dreams. And I always have them.

    She must’ve read my mind (Great someone else can do it) because she said,” When you fell asleep you had contact with me. I have this sleeping effect on people. Don’t ask because I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just my power.”

    I wanted to laugh, but I held it back. Instead I just sat up and pulled her towards me.  Today was our day, and I’m not letting any demigod crap get in the way. But of course, right when I think that, I get a knock on my door. And who is it? Achilles, saying that it was time to start training. I argued for a minute.

   But Jade butted in,” Hey beastie, go train and I’ll go home and get some clothes and stuff. I need a break from the action anyway.”

   She smiled and I nearly kissed her. This girl really stuns me. She walked away and I watched growing sad already. This is definitely one of those love at first sight kind of deals.

   Achilles appeared by my side and said," There is no greater danger to a warrior."

   I knew what he meant, and I completely believed him. I would give up the world to keep Jade alive and that was a dangerous bond to have. Apollo could take her just to watch me suffer. I wouldn't let that happen. This is the only time I'll leave her alone. So I can keep the girl I'm falling in love with safe. Because that's all that truly matters isn't it?

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