Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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" - I just know stupid random facts that will make no difference in the long run. - " Hey! That sounds like me! Lolz! But, no...for real. I'm not even kidding!

Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Very wise interpretations for one so young.

Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

I have to agree with Lucy. Wise. Very wise indeed!

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Diary of Christopher Days- Passage II

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She had a friend.

part two...

      Hey Diary. Sorry I haven't really been writing the last few days. I TV binged on this canceled series. Talked to my friends on Facebook.

       It seems that my only connection outside of this dark hole  I put myself in is Facebook. I don't have many real interactions with humans. Other then Dani, I usually stray away from regular human contact. A lot of people frustrate me. I feel like I'm more intelligent, but I know I have no right to announce it. Nor am I smarter in the ways that matter. I just know stupid random facts that will make no difference in the long run. 1 comment

       Call me conceited if you will, But in some ways. I am smarter then most people. That's not being self absorbed or being a prideful ass. That's going off the hard evidence. The difference between me and a prideful man, is that I don't boast of my meager intelligence. I keep to myself. I keep quiet.

       This is the only way to avoid persecution from bullies or harsh teachers that hate kids. Which is an ironic thing. Why teach children if you can't stand them?

       Another thing, why would you hate kids? We were all children at one point. We've all made the same mistakes and asked the same questions. "Where do babies come from?"  "Why is daddy so angry?"  "Why do I have to do chores?" 1 comment

       So in all basicity, the adults that dislike children are hypocrites. Its not name calling or hazing, its being realistic.

       Now I know that I really have no right in trying to describe the characteristics of a common Realist. I often daydream of things I want to do. I have hope that all humans are good. Despite the clear evidence that many of us are greedy and sinful.

       Hell Diary, I can't even tell what's real and what's not anymore. My nightmares are getting so vivid, that it's hard telling what is a dream, and what is reality.

       That's a question for Physicists and Philosophers. Why am I the one asking it? I'm only 17 and at best I'm a mediocre artist. I have no way with figuring out the qualities of life, or the ways that life act. I cannot tell you what an atom is. I cannot answer a philosophical question. I'm just another common man in the street.

       Yet I still dream of being a hero. To be a hero in a time where heroes no longer exist. I wish to slay greed and corruption. But these are such mighty beasts. I'm a Knight with a rusty sword facing off against the oldest dragon in the world. 2 comments

       No matter my intelligence or my way with words, there is no real possible way to win against this monster. It scares me. Am I corruptible like everyone else? Will greed one day cover my compass of morality? I swear that in some way I'm unique. Greed does not faze me. I care not for the finer things in life. If I had them, I'd still feel this emptiness inside. Money will never make MY world round. Its just a piece of paper that holds a significant amount of power to the leaders of all the nations in the world.

       I refuse to stand down to this piece of green tree. I want to stand above it. I want to hold that dragons head high and yell in triumph.

       But... I'm just a knight with a rusty sword.

       Thanks for listening to me rant Diary. I must go for now. You're still a true friend. I love ya.

Christopher J Days.

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