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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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A Goddess and her Soldier.

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Part one of a 3 part story. enjoy (:

The day started out normally, the minutes crawling by slowly and the sun beginning it's ascension into the sky. It attempted to shine through the blue curtains that she had just hung a few months ago, but failed to do so. She had been laid in bed for the past few hours, not having been able to sleep until her eyes had finally slammed shut from the exhaustion that had been weighing on her. Her brown hair fell down to her hair in gentle waves, though frizzled from her tossing and turning. She had no dreams, just as always and slept peacefully, no longer troubled by the constant logical thinking that often plagued her during the day. The overthinking often led to stress weighing on her shoulders. Another, far away, spent his time  attempting to lessen said weight, but for months had been deterred by the distance of over 700 miles.  They had suffered for months at the lash of the number that hung above their heads. 700 miles. The number seemed so small, but so big at the same time and struck deeper each time it came up. He cried at night when she couldn't see, and she cried both in his view and outside of it. She wouldn't let him be burdened by her sadness and depression. She felt as if when they did see each other, that she caused the prolonged silences with her own mood. He had said before that he felt a connection that often made him feel as she did, so what other explanation could there be for their silences.  

But to him, his silence was only because he was lost in his daydreams. He would play video games, yet be lost in a different world. A World where he would be holding her and running his hand up and down her back. Her head on his shoulder, them swaying to the sound of complete silence. It guides them, just a calm wind guides a falling leaf to the ground. It's dance only overshadowed by their very own dance. The dance that would end the first day of the rest of their lives. That was often the dream he had in both waking day and silent night, and the very reason for his silence during their time with one another. They both always thought the same thing after a matter of time.

'You are right there. You are so close, but when I try to touch you...I feel a screen. Why I can't I feel your skin? Why can't I just touch you?!'

The thought teared at her mind. It made her restless when she slept and often woke up. She would look expectantly to what her arms were wrapped  around, thinking that he had shown up in the middle of the night and crawled into bed without her really noticing. She would always be disappointed, for the spot he was meant to be in was always empty. She would try to hold the tears back, because she knew he would want her to be strong. She didn't know how to be strong in moments like this, and the tears would come flowing. She just wanted the man she called her Soldier.

700 miles away, while she cried, the Soldier did too. He had been staring at an empty spot beside him while clutching a hat that she had sent him in a letter full of love and sweetness. The tears would slowly crawl down his cheeks as he tried to stay strong. He was her Soldier, and he knew it. But he still cried because his goddess wasn't by his side. He hardly stepped beyond his bedroom door, tired of the life he had seen outside of the world his goddess had created for him. He was a fighter only surviving this long to fall into the arms of the woman he believed could outshine the very heavens.

They both cried, often at the same time, but never spoke of the tears that often visited them. He studied her every moment of every day, even when they were not talking. He would study her messages, and her pictures. He wanted to know every little thing about her, and couldn't help but smile at all of them. They were his goddess, beautiful and amazing. He couldn't help himself in the act of smiling. He studied, without her knowledge and knew more about her than he often let on. He claimed to know her better than her own name. She couldn't believe it some days. How could someone so far, know so much about her? He remained cocky, but for good reason. He really did know almost everything about her.

He knew she'd be sleeping at this hour, just as he knew where her window was. He knew it would not be locked, and he knew that he would have to watch her foot in the windowsill. He knew he would have to very carefully crawl into the bed, after it had broken a few months before. He knew she would mumble when he wrapped his arms around her waist and that she would stir slightly. He laid there for another hour, his heart threatening to jump out of his chest. A part of him wanted to wake her up, but she looked so peaceful in her sleep. She wasn't worried about everything especially him. She worried about him more than she admit. His eyes, tinged red from exhaustion. The frustration he often showed, and look on his face during the silences. She didn't voice her worries. She knew he would deny that anything was wrong and that he was just lost in thought. It was partially true, as he was daydreaming. But he did feel sad some of those times, but wouldn't show it because he was also so happy to have her. Happy beyond the comprehension of words. It pushed the sadness of not having her next to him away, and he reminded her on a daily basis just how happy he was.

So as he lay there, feeling like a creep for having crawled into her room undetected, he couldn't help but smile. Sure, he had just broken the law, but when she woke up and turned to see him, he knew that she would squeak and hug him tightly. She did exactly as he thought when she woke up and they laid there holding each other for what seemed like centuries. A heavy knock came and he ducked into the closet as her grandmother walked in. They talked for a few minutes, with her telling her grandmother that he was to come today. The excitement in her voice caused her grandmother to smile and caused him almost split his cheeks with a wide smile. The grandmother left the room and he slowly crept out of the closet. She jumped into his arms and he lifted her up and spun her. They knocked into the wall with his clumsiness taking over. He made a dirty joke, just as always and she laughed out of joy. It was a joke she had heard before, but it sounded different now. She slowly slid to the ground and looked up at him. He touched her cheek, and she leaned into her touch. It was so warm, and loving. How he hated his hands, she would never know. They were hers now, willing to do anything she asked for.

Their eyes connected and her cheek in his hand, he slowly leaned down and kissed her lips softly. She rose up to meet him, her feet stretching up to meet his kiss. Just as when they laid together, it seemed to last for years and when they finally broke away to look at each other she simply laughed again out of joy. And they swayed.

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