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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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Creation Myths of Alacast

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“The Mother” Myth

(Generally believed by most races of Alacast)

This Myth, which will be represented by books, speculative articles by scholars within Alacast, and the famous 13 epitaphs that speak of this Myth, is the most commonly believed myth by the people of Alacast.

This myth speaks of a single entity, infinite and unending, by the bastardized name of Shado. The entity’s real name is beyond that of words and mental coherence.

Shado, also known as The Mother, in a deep breath, gave birth to three other entities who would be known as the Creationists.

(Note. The Creationists are not worshipped by the ones who follow the religion and myth of the Mother. They are only worshipped by the cults or factions that will centralize them in their core)

The Creationists were known as Casd, Mythai and Delinia. Bastardized names again given due to the races within Alacast not having the capability or mental power to speak their true names

Casd’s role is yet unknown.

Mythai’s role is yet unknown.

Delinia’s role is yet unknown.

Space, in its infinite space, was often fought for by the three creationists. This conflict culminated in a massive fight that eventually killed the three.

(It is speculated by scholars within Alacast and heavily religious patrons that the Three are destined to rise and fight again, to restart the world as it is. Radicalists of The Mother religion believe this process has happened several times already, and hasten to have it happen again. More to come)

Shado is believed to have guided the blood of her fallen children to four separate places. Each Creationist’s blood would create a new dimension, with all three gathered together to make the world of Alacast.

However, in this act, Shado implodes upon herself. In this explosion, much is created, such as the stars, the moon and the sun. (Speculated only. It may not be mentioned in the original myth)

What is mentioned is that this explosion led to her own influence falling on the four realms. She is believed to have created the gods that people of The Mother religion worship, and also believed to have created the odd art of Mysticism (Magic)

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