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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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What is a Human but Words of Smoke?

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A work in progress. Needs a little review. Thank you for reading!

It's hard to imagine what a life is like, outside of technology and the constant texting the Millennials and "Founders" participate in these days. We seem to be stuck on the screen, trapped by it's luminous glow. It's a hypnotic like effect on us all, entrapping us within the passions that flow effortlessly on the thing called "Internet" and "Wifi". People take the opportunity to become anonymous online, further allowing them to spread their own personal passions without hearing the contempt of their peers. Animosity...

Animosity has often been a useful tool, back in the days of old, when the word "Spy" wasn't even spoken.

Nowadays, It's used to spread both good grace and hatred contempt anger. People use their true beliefs pushing for either a free and white America, to a purely Islamic state within the Middle East. Cutting off the heads of others for not believing in their thoughts, raping and pillaging those who dare to speak against them,, and slaughtering innocents to prove a futile point. What is there to prove? The only thing being proved by those who shed blood in the name of any deity, is that Humans are violent and chaotic creatures that claim to strive for peace, but instead strive for dominance over their kin. Why strive for Dominance? What is such a thing as dominance? Is it as simple as being at the top of the food chain? Or is something more complex? Something embedded in the DNA of all Humankind? Can we not rise above it and find a singular purpose? Would it take something such as an apocalypse to have us band arms together? These questions could drive a man mad, for these are questions that can not and will not ever be answered. Say the Apocalypse came tomorrow and all those who rose up in arms were just men of cunning minds and schemed behind the back of the one they called "Brother". The moment any danger cleared, they'd kill their ally and move themselves up a step on the infinite ladder of power. Back in the days of old, they may have stood together with nothing but pure hearts and fierce determination. Or perhaps.. that was just a front as well, their pureness secretly sullied with dark minds and hearts.

How does one observe society these days, or even study the days of old, without becoming a Machiavellian? Thinking that deceit and lies lead to the one treasured word... power, and that it was just the way the world worked, with no further thought on the subject.

Think of the word power, for just a moment. Think of the temptation the very word gives off from a single glance. Power... This word could be rivaled to that of the word God, Death or Love. Power can theorized to exist in every action that man commits. Every motion, every swing of arms, every step of the feet... They could all be said to be a walk towards more power and climbing up the food chain. If one pure of heart would to look at the human race today however, they may see that Humans are just clumsy creatures, all grasping for a theoretical cookie on the counter they just can't reach. They would see hope in the simple humans, and would state that ambition can be clean and efficient, rather than dark and corruptive. Power... what a tainted thing it's become in the days of the 21st century. Now it's used to threaten and to establish a firm line of dominance amongst the masses. All the government's have used their power to threaten another force, at one point or another. For both good reason and evil, depending on the various humans point of view. But.. a humans point of view is another subject.

Some might say that the words money, currency, coin etc have a stronger presence than that of "Power". But think carefully. Currency itself is simply a lower minion of Power. It funds power, it gives it the tools needed and fattens the pockets with corruption and manipulation. And in turn, Power within the government's and ruling councils of the world made currency a necessity for life of a human. They call it sophisticated. They say it raises us above the animals that we deem fodder and food.

But in the end, it seems to be just another service. Another piece of meat for the Human Race to nibble on just to survive. A necessity that benefits those manning the royal vault. Where all money is given and received, ensuring a dominance that only Power can supply. More money, more power. More power, more ambition which leads to even more Ambition, and ambition leads to even more power.

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