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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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Its sucks being a freak. My friends did not take me seriously and always joke at my expense. My best friend Harley is the only person who does not treat me this way. Oh yeah! I am Astrid Hansen and I am 17 years old. I live in a small town with my parents. My grandmother lives in a big white house at the end of the city. I love my grandmother and she loves to tell me stories. Fantasy tales of dragons, magic, knights and monsters. From a little girl I love these things. Harley and I go there almost every day. Harley and I are friends since kindergarten, so my grandma sees her as her second granddaughter.

Harley was a beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes. Small in stature, but very athletic. Always gets into trouble. Minor, but still… And I always was with her and help her to escape. But speaking on the merits. During summer vacation we spend much time in the library at the home of my grandma Harriet. So was today. Me and my friend sat in the library and grandmother brought us hot chocolate and cookies. The most delicious homemade cookies. Throughout grandmother sat in her a rocker and knitting something. She’s always knit. Hobby, maybe. Everyone needs one.

I flipping through pages of old book. I don’t know the title. The cover was tired and missed the first page. Harley looked at me and grinned.

-Is it interesting?
-What? – I raised my eyes from the book and then headed to the girl.
-The book, dear. Asking for the book.
-It seemed interesting, but very… different.

Grandma laughed and drew our attention. She sways slightly, knitting something in dark-green tones. Her white curls fall on her shoulders and the light reflecting off the golden frame on her glasses.

-Why are you laughing, Grandma?
-Always call extraordinary books “different”.
-And this is funny?
-Don’t be angry, my girl. I’m sure will soon be faced with many unusual things.

Sometimes I do not understand what she speaks. Mom says to ignore it and nasty neighbors called her “crazy old lady from the big house”. I do not remember how many tricks I did for revenge. Yes, my grandmother is a little peculiar, but she is not crazy.

-Yes, Astrid. What is it?
-That old witch, Mrs. Lawrence, she called you crazy… again. I do not know what punishment to figure for her.
-Don’t pay attention, my child. You too Harley. Both relax.
-But, Aunt Harriet… They deserve it. – Harley didn’t like to sit on the side when something unfair happens.
-Grandma? Can we sleep here tonight?
-Of course.

You may wonder why I speak a little strange. Seemed to come from another era. The reason is that I have read too many books with similar mannerisms and phrasing. I must have intercepted it from there. Anyway, I was glad that grandma allowed us to stay there. Although I never doubted that. Although something happened that really I did not expect. My parents came shortly after dinner (i.e., about nine o’clock in the evening). Suddenly appeared. They closed in a cabinet that belonged to my grandfather (who had never seen and no one speaks). They speak loudly, but I could not understand them. Seemed to be speaking a completely different language. Well, that was true. I managed to find only one phrase that my grandmother said: “She must know where we come from?”

Whatever that means, it does not appeal to my parents. Actually, they do not like when I read books about other worlds, strange creatures and spells. I do not know why they have a problem with that. Harley and I get out of the door when we heard steps approaching us. We hide in my room.

For some time we stood in silence. Each of us trying to unravel the mystery. The mystery of my family. We thought and thought, but we could not figure out anything. The worst thing is that we cannot ask without issue, we listened. This can be a torture if you ask me. Of course, all sat in the living room. Grandma makes tea. The atmosphere was tense. With my best friend looked at each other. She urged me to try to understand something. The most innocent, of course.

-Well? What happens here? – I was tried to sound as natural as possible.
-What do you mean? – My mother replied with a question.
-Well, you came here late, talked, and now only stand and remain silent. This is not something that happens every day, so…
-Nothing, dead. With your parents discussed the cost of repairing the roof.

She lied me! My grandmother lied to me. I could not believe my ears. And I cannot say whether it is the first time. Once you do it now, how many times she lied without knowing it? I felt really disappointed.

-The roof, huh? As a matter of urgency, that comes at night.
-What are you trying to say, Astrid? – My father exhaled smoke from his cigarette and looked at me if trying to read my thoughts.
-Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Come on, Harley! I think it would make an interesting film on TV.

The two of us quickly left this false atmosphere. And when we got in the room… I cried.



At the night there was a storm. The rain drummed on the glass and lightning lacerated the sky. The moon and stars were shrouded in thick clouds. Since many think even I could not sleep. I lay awake in my bed and stared at the dark ceiling. Not even felt tired. No longer wept, but I did not feel good. I was jealous of Harley how easily sleep on the next bed. Then I heard the noise. The noise remained of the steps and the rustle of cloth. Don’t know if I had to I’m afraid, but what I felt was curiosity.

Got out of the bed and slowly walked to the door. My bare feet felt the coldness of the floor. So my steps are not heard. I opened the door and peered outside. There was someone there. I had to know who he is. I got out of the room and walked to the door of the library. Inside, visible light. I opened the door and thought it was my grandmother, but I was wrong. In front of me stood an elderly man in strange clothes. The light comes from the candle.

-Who are you? What are you doing in my grandmother’s house? And… Why the hell are you dressed like that?
-Do not swear, Astrid! It is not polite.
-How do you know my name?
-I am your grandfather. Of course I know it. My name is Alister.

He came and I could not go back because I was in shock. He just stroked my hair.

-I am not surprised that you don’t know about me.
-Where… Where were you? Why do you wear such clothes?
-Where I come, all wizards wear such clothes.
-Wait! Hold on! Wizards?
-You better sit down and I will tell you.

I obeyed him and sat on the chair before the desk. I could not call him “Grandpa” because I do not know him, but I could not get used. So… He sat across the desk and began to teach me. I do not know if it was because the shock of sudden onset, but I remember only a few different phrases – magician, our family, a mystical portal, another world, strange creatures and… danger.

I could not help but interrupt.

-Why they never told me that I have grandfather? Or that come from a similar place…?
-Maybe they are trying to protect, my child.
-Lies just cause more damage. My parents are those who do not want to know. Grandma wanted to tell me. Today the subject of heated debate about this. I heard them.
-Tapped them?
-Well… yes. But that’s not important. Finally, they lied. Grandma… lied me.
-I do not understand. They just left our world and disowned by their own nature. I could not do it. For that I come here secretly to make sure that you are well.
-Wait! Wait! They do not know that you come here?
-Of course not. This is our secret. Do you agree?
-Yes, but…
-Teach me of magic. Tell me about our world. I want to see it.
-You really love the different worlds of fairy tales, right?

I do not know whether his question was directed at me or just observation notes. Maybe both. I stood there and watched him. I wondered if what he said is true or just playing with me. Fool me. In recent twenty-four hours the human who most respected in the eyes deceived me, I realized that my family comes from another world and I have a grandfather who was a sorcerer. My life has turned. But I do not know if I’m just… crazy. Probably exactly what my parents would say if I ask. Hypocrites. Or is it more correct to call them cowards? Too many of my life, my passion for these stories is silly, but they themselves are part of them.

Maybe the anger had painted on my face because my grandfather tried to reassure me. Suddenly I heard the creaking of the floor in front of the door. The blood froze in my veins. Then a whisper makes me calm.

-Astrid? Is it you?

It was Harley. I got up from my chair and gently opened the door. I grabbed the girl’s hand and pull it inside. Then hung up.

-Hey! More carefully! Still asleep.

She rubbed her eyes, then looked around and saw a strange old man with strange clothes. Retreated.

-Who is this? What are you doing at midnight?
-You would not believe…

I told her briefly what I learned. Finally she just stood and looked at me with rapt attention. There were no words, but was obviously excited. I smiled to her strange expression. Then I told her that it is not secret that we know about all this. Of course, she immediately vowed to keep quiet. And I’m awaiting it. Then with my grandfather decided to call him “Master Alister”. He agreed on condition that one day I can call him ‘Grandpa’. I promised him. Before he left I asked him question that I did not expect.

-How old are you?

He smiled and smoothed his gray beard.

-At 782 years. And your grandmother is… 635.

I felt my jaw hit the ground when I stared. Could it? Or just joking with me?

-Really? You are kidding!
-I am a magician, Astrid! For us it is not unusual. In our world the human race has only normal years… except magicians.

Then he smiled and uttered strange words and disappeared before our eyes. Just evaporate. If before I could not sleep, it was impossible now.


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