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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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You Say

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For Charlie

You say I’m too dumb. Maybe you're not listening.

You say I’m too smart. Do you think I should stop learning?

You say I'm too beautiful. Maybe you're just jealous.

You say I’m too ugly. Do you think that I deserve dignity?

You say I’m too fat. Maybe you're too prejudice.

You say I’m too skinny. Do you think that changes my heart?

You say I’m too young. Maybe you’ve stopped living.

You say I’m too old. Do you think I'm obsolete?

You say I’m too self-righteous. Maybe you've lost good judgment.

You say I’m too dirty. Do you think it could be the window your looking through?

Look through a different window and maybe you'll see who I really am.

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