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Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland.

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Clare Martin

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Hello! My name is Clare Rosanna Martin. I'm an 18 year old British girl with a powerful passion for writing, roleplaying and all things wordy. I like discussions, am open for constructive criticism and overall hope to improve my writing and interact with other writers along the journey!

Favorite writer

Impossible choice. Really, truly impossible.

I enjoy writing because

I like the idea of a different world not only existing inside one's head, but coming to life on paper. I won't lie, I spend most of my days in some fantasy world, be it in front of a computer screen or the pages of a book, and I like the world I've created, so I have no hesitation in the choice I've made to begin to let it flow.

My best writing advice

Go with the flow. If you feel a burst of inspiration, open up Micro Word or grab a pen and start writing.

I'm currently reading

Presently, nothing.

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